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#MissUniverse #Year2014 #November23 #Azerbaijan #Baku #CrystalHALL #JavidanGurbanova Is Azerbaijan hosting the Miss Universe 2014 pageant? We'll soon find out!

At Cloudpage

Cloudpage are individual pages that can be updated from time to time and re-published everytime they are updated. There lies the power of Cloudpage! But you can create a page that can gather all your pages together in sequential order with date to make it appear like a regular BLOGGING site. Plus the addition of features like the insertion of EventBrite(Schedule and Ticketing), GoogleMaps(Directions), SoundCloud (Music), Image,Video, Image Carousel, PAYPAL payments, and much more.

#FREE #BLOGS #Cloudpage #Year2014 #August9 #GeorgePalaganas #TheDoctorISaPhD WELCOME to Cloudpage!

#SaintDominic #feastDay #August8 #year2014 Happy feast day, Saint Dominic!

My classmate in high school, Jed Casas Bojeador with some actor friends!

#JesusTheHeartofMissionsTeamInc #Year2014 #August6 #BishopDanteVeluz #HelpingOutTheNeedy #Cubao #Cambridge Bishop Dante Veluz continues to amaze the community with charity works!

Here is my e-mail to Bishop Dante **************** -----Original Message-----
From: George Palaganas <>
To: jhmtphilippines <>; danteveluz <>

Sent: Wed, Aug 6, 2014 6:51 am
Subject: Hi! Thanks Bishop Dante
06-August-2014 Wed

Bishop Dante Veluz
Jesus the Heart of Missions Team, Inc.
61 Cambridge Street, Cubao
Quezon City, Philippines 1109
Tel: (+632) 438-1819 to 20

Dear Bishop Dante:

Greetings! We have talked earlier today at Cambridge St in front of JHMTI Office while I was doing my daily rounds of gathering scrap. You gave me your calling card . We are scheduled to meet again on Friday(August 8) at about 10:00am as you had prescribed regarding helping out "needy people" and I was also asking you if you can help out someone I know with an ailment(goiter) for her medications. Regarding my case, if you can find me any "clerk"positions with anyone you know that needs manpower for those kind of work, it will be greatly appreciated. I had also sent you a facebook invite so we can connect on your facebook URL . My facebook URL is
I am looking forward to talk to you again this coming Friday. Regards.

George Palaganas
846 Aurora Blvd corner C Benitez St
1111 Kaunlaran Cubao
Quezon City
Phone: +1-206-339-2624(Voicemail Washington)
Fax: +1-206-339-9327

#FoundOldContactPage #NetworkSolutions #Year2009 #Year2014 I found a 4 1/2 year old contact page with Network Solutions! I was amazed I had not moved at all with my summary, it is still as functional as it was more than 4 years ago!

#ComodoICEdragon #TheReturn #Year2014 #Year1994 Remember when we are using Comodo ICE Dragon and suddenly it CRASHES on mid-session more than CHROME's frequent SNAP!(I call CHROME's Syndrome as "NAKAKASAGUR" LOL!) We switched browser to NAVIGATOR then, RIGHT? Now, COMODO is back... with the "maldi-effect" intact after 2 decades!

8/10/2014 4:19:25 AM

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