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#WOT #LBCExpress #COUNTERPATH #SenderSCORE #ROBTEX #May21 #Year2014 #GeorgePalaganas #WebofTrust #WOTWOT Here was the comment made at WEB OF TRUST regarding the LBCExpress problem. "The site is currently for debugging and improvement. Mail system after sign-up is not functioning. For instance,you do not receive the e-mail to confirm your sign-up account after you had signed-up. Sender SCORE from ReturnPATH says insufficient e-mail seen to determine REPUTATION SCORE at IP Same result of Ïnsufficient E-mail seen" at IP It's mail service IP. with hostname Same result for IP it's padala host with hostname Same result for IP it's SERVICES host with Hostname prodccwebserver and I supposed it has the same response for the rest of it's IP (w5 and web3). With this, it "needs to fix it's house" and get those e-mails "moving", so to speak. " 

5/21/2014 10:00:35 PM

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