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After more than a decade of honeymoon with the Geocities part of Yahoo!, the harsh reality that it is soon be over came today, the 26th of October 2009 Monday. For those who are used to having this part of Yahoo! as an integral part and a very useful resource, more than 8 million of html documents and more than twice of that of graphical images(gif,jpg,png),of their daily filing system, the end of it comes as a mourning. It's not that when Yahoo! management finally called-up the shots, it came without a warning. For as early as the first quarter, the technology news of TELLME at 1-800-555-8355 accessible through Yahoo! Messenger is already announcing it's closure by the end of the year. So, all had the ample time to transfer their files on their Yahoo! Geocities directory to another site before the doomsday arrives or upgrade their account to webhosted accounts. Plus of course, everyone was notified through e-mail. It's just that I will be wearing the shape of a lame-duck on my filing methodology from now on. Judging from the file extensions that can be saved on the directory; PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF, WAV, HTM, HTML, you may add to the list those files that were allowed by the system in your experience, all are internet files that you normally save to illustrate something. After sending the exact URL location of course.
The reason for its closure is that Yahoo! management wants to tap webhosting in its lieu and the move is for a guaranteed aggressive marketing strategy. Webhosting has been dominated in the past by services like and It's good free internet blogging abounds nowadays there are more than 1000 free internet sites that offers such free blogging service. Free blogging sites is the alternative recourse that I may employ now that Geocities closes for good. Except for the usual ease of recalling a saved .WAV file in a Geocities directory, I can not see any difference in throwing all your files in the free blogging sites instead.
So finally, Goodbye Geocities! We will MISS YOU!

10/25/2009 7:03:16 PM

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Subject: Re: Bizzarre Twist of Quant Reports February 2010


On 27-February-2010 Saturday at about 3:00am Manila, a Honda CRV Gray bearing plate
number ZKP651 erronneously quanted at Quezon Avenue(Quezon City, Philippines) near
the LUNG CENTER of the PHILIPPINES and Ninoy Aquino Wildlife and Parks Entrance Gates.
The car suddenly appeared from the bushes that separates the two opposite roads from
a northwest orientation heading towards southeast of the west to east roadstrip.
It speeded towards a road sign post over-running it and stopped upon hitting an adjacent
tree by the roadside immediately at the gate of the LUNG CENTER almost hitting an MMDA
waiting shed and a candy-peddler's make-shift stand. 
The girl driver was pinned down on the steering wheel and the HONDA CRV was almost
a total wreck on the driver's side. A male passenger next to the driver was unharmed,
went out of the vehicle through the window shouting "SA JAPAN!" Translation(English): "IN JAPAN!", in response to Online-AI query of "Kung Pilipinas na rin ito, saan kayo galing?"
Translation(English): "If this is already Philippines, from where have you been?"
Guards from Ninoy Aquino Wildlife and Parks and guards from LUNG CENTER helped-out the 
girl and took about 10 minutes to get her out. She was bleeding, badly bruised with 
face and neck darkened,and she was knocked-down unconscious. A jeepney driver also stopped
to lend a hand. She was rushed to the nearby LUNG CENTER for immediate care. Reporter is
about 3 meters from where the car hit the tree.

by George C. Palaganas


Quantum Report

What: Silver Gray TOYOTA VIOS with Plate NUMber NFO245
When: 26-January-2010 Tuesday at about 3:42pm Manila
Where: House No. 96 Ninth Avenue Barangay Socorro Cubao Quezon City PHILIPPINES 1109
Description: No untowards incident to report since the car drove-off in less than 3 minutes.
Male driver inside the car.(The car quanted first before the male driver appeared in quant inside the car.) Too busy writing the incident, I did not notice it clearly if
the next vehicle on it's spot , FORD Ranger Plate Number ZFW365( Red with white bias
slanted occupying front door) also "went in" through quant or manually parked by moving forward.(Roadside)


Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Medal Tally

Rank    Country                 Gold   Silver Bronze   TOTAL

1 Flag ofUnited States 9 15 13 37

2   Flag ofGermany   10 13 7 30

3 Flag ofCanada 14 7 5 26

4 Flag ofNorway 9 8 6 23

5 Flag ofAustria 4 6 6 16

6 Flag ofRussia 3 5 7 15

7 Flag ofSouth Korea 6 6 2 14

8 Flag ofChina         5 2    4       11        


3/1/2010 12:03:54 AM

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