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George Palaganas
LIST INCLUSION at ALBUMMonday, October 12, 2009 6:47 PMFrom: "Dr George Cainglet Palaganas" <>View contact detailsTo:, f-bumagat1@ti.com13-October-2009 Tuesday 9:32am Hi Ferdie! In response to your question about an hour ago,
Question: George, paano ba mag-add sa list?(Translation: George, how does one adds on the list?)
Answer: Since this is my album, send me a photo and I will add it into the album. I was searching for your profile photo so I can add it on the list last time, but your profile photo was changed by something else not any of your look. Like Justine De Guzman who was asking why he was not included in the album yet. I did not yet include his photo since I was waiting for a more "correct" photo of him. His profile photo is that of "Arthur Lenin Garcia".
Now it's my turn to ask a question. It's been a long time since we have last met at that SANYO job interview at LUISITA's Inn on the park sometime in mid-90's,the job of which was taken by Kimpoy(he was sent to Japan while I went to Hong Kong, Vancouver BC and Clagary Alberta in Canada), what's the latest with your life and career? What happened to you at Texas Instruments? Keep me posted.
It's me ,... Read More
PS: This message was also sent to your e-addie and
It was also sent to other routes here at facebook since "the rumor" apparently is not just a "rumor" of misled messages here on this site so just be wary. That's what happen to free services, LOL!

George Cainglet Palaganas, Ph.D.
Current Mailing Address:(as of 19-June-2009)
#21 Zamora St. Purok Maligaya 2
Barangay Poblacion SUR
2307 PANIQUI Tarlac
Phone: 001-206-339-2624 Washington Voicemailbox
Fax: 001-206-339-9327
Professional Regulatory Commission License No. 0029594-98 Assistant Electrical Engineer
Automated Phone Query: 00632-917-7777 SSSNo.:02-0837587-0 B-day:10/19/1968

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Ferdi Bumagat
Ferdi Bumagat
Nagresign ako sa TI after getting a new assignment abroad...
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Ariel Catacutan
Ariel Catacutan
san na si ferd bumagat
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Ariel Catacutan
Ariel Catacutan
dr george may con tak ka ba kay kimpoy arceo
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10/14/2009 10:46:23 AM

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Subject: Re: Friendster Account
Date: 11/12/2009 6:10 pm
Subject: Our Yahoo! Messenger Chat Today 12-Nov-2009 Thursday 6:05pm Manila
Transcripts of Our Yahoo! Messenger Chat Today 12-Nov-2009 Thursday 6:05pm Manila will be sent to your e-addie and
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George Palaganas: hi
FERDI BUMAGAT: hey george, musta?
George Palaganas: mabuti i need your help with this select 1 only PRESIDENT/PANGULO (Put an x opposite your choice.)
-----Benigno Aquino III
-----Miriam Defensor-Santiago
-----Noli De Castro
-----Francis Escudero
-----Ed Panlilio
-----Gilbert Teodoro
-----Mike Velarde
-----Manny Villar
-----None on the list because I want to
vote for _______________
George Palaganas: _id18668528/ref_id0/page1
FERDI BUMAGAT: what for?
George Palaganas: it's a survey... come on... i need your selections to land on my datasheet...
FERDI BUMAGAT: undecided pa eh
FERDI BUMAGAT: undecided pa eh
George Palaganas: who's this girl huh? your wife?; amp;id=100000410828807
FERDI BUMAGAT: di... kawork ko dati
FERDI BUMAGAT: pinost nila
George Palaganas: come on! There will be another survey after deadline of candidacy certificate on 01-Dec-2009 .... you can change your choice later on... just select your best choice today...
George Palaganas: are you still there?


 I have also sent messages to your friendster account at
FERDI BUMAGAT: yap... pero mag-aout na ako... antok ako eh... panggabi kc ako
George Palaganas: won't you help me with the survey....?
George Palaganas: 2 questions lang naman siya... pres atsaka veep
George Palaganas: Transcripts of Our Yahoo! Messenger Chat Today 12-Nov-2009 Thursday 6:05pm Manila will be sent to your e-addie and


11/12/2009 2:33:11 AM

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