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Subject: On This Day 19-September-2016 Monday

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Missing Facebook Posts for September 19 on the following year;   2014(2 years ago), 2013(3 years ago) and (2009(7 years ago).

Posts on these mentioned days must be matrixed with the Timeline/Timelines UNFAVORABLE with my current Timeline.

CURRENT Timeline Threads for “ON THIS DAY” POSTS  September 19 are  the  years   2015, 2012,2011  and 2010 ONLY !

Get a preview of The Millennium Man THE MUSICAL for SRCS Class of 1986 PEARL Celebrations(2016) – Pericles, Helicanus, Wicked and other first and third Millennium characters get entangled with Lance, Jennifer and Nancy of the second millennium in the opening act in a sequence even Eris will envy ,LOL! The Continuation of Opening Sequence with Mr. Roboto of STYX. Elton John’s Can;t You Feel The Love Tonight for SEQUENCE 65. Lance and Jessica meets at the West Side(West Coast) with My Only Hope, Within and Beyond Compare. Driving sequence with Jessie and SEA SONG. Group Dance with Dessini Senang and I’ll Remember(with Walis Tambo). Sexy choreo scenes with Why don’t you do it right?, We Are Prostitutes and Around The World in A Day. * The Man Projects… with I Am Not James Dean and If You’re Still Around, BAG Dance sequence with Marry The Night, Living On My Own and All I Care About Is Love. Final Dance Choreo… Take On Me . End theme: Don’t Speak.
THE MILLENNIUM MAN The Musical (SRCS Pearl Class of 1986 edition)
Direction: Richard Ranguan
Music: Barry Keating, Ben Shaw
Musical Writers/Lyricists: Richard Haase, Barry Keating , Cool Dela Peña
ACT 1 SCENE 1 (At the start of the Musical, Darkness In All of the Theatre will be implemented. Only exit signs will be lighted.)
On stage: Helicanus, Pericles, Harry The Prince/Princess,Dodo, Wicked
The Stage is set with a mounted smaller stage with a gameshow sign “THE MILLENNIUM MAN” with hanging computer tablets(so they can “guess” the secrets and salts and a widescreen shows their output including the apps used in guessing the secrets). The seats on the gameshow can flip-out and drop a contestant into a slide towards a pool of dye if he fails to get the secret on time.
(A single kleig light radiates on the face of Helicanus.)
Helicanus: “Don’t touch that remote control! Men ,Women and Droid dyed in creating this side of the network in beautiful and young California! We bring you the number one Game Show in the networking this side of the Millennium!”
CHORUS: Do you know how lucky you are?
Helicanus: Down on your knees, before the pentoker of ultimates, the mega-downy of the intergalactic universe!
Dodo: Angono? Of the whole prick and zone.
Helicanus: End of triangles!
Dodo: They give me Light.
Harry: Lights…
CHORUS: Let there be lights!
Harry: Philippine redirects from Baguio Tring. In Miss Universe inside his dooms… As his TRING once send let there be a blink. (The icon on the gameshow sign THE MILLENNIUM MAN will blink).
CHORUS: Blink! Blip! Blink! Blip! Blink!(All other parts of the gameshow sign will blink)
Harry: And the blink began to move.
Helicanus: LET THERE BE LIGHT! (One by one the lights in all of the theatre will be turned on.)
Pericles: That’s right. All appears in your TVROM. Welcome to THE MILLENNIUM MAN. The only game show in the input net where you can win the WORLD!
CHORUS: Chip in. Chip on. Like knight in 11 minutes fm, kiss entered. Shut the rage give you from cyber, heaven is the gaga game show from help!Oh!
Pericles: SEX.POWER.FAME.REVENGE. Guess our secrets and the joys of cybersurf in your servers.  But if you lose… if you lose…
CHORUS: Oh, Millennium Man.
Harry:  For the price can be high.
CHORUS: Oh, Millenium Man.
Harry: If you loose it’s to dye…
Pericles: You are not my mother
Helicanus: Harry, I brought you into this world, I’ll take you out.(Holding one of the hanging tablets.)
Harry:(Looking at one of the tablets.) You’re sipping my skin!
Helicanus: Your father would have done better if he left his money to the cat?
Harry: You think I’ll spend all my time being privileged, Helicanus? But today, I gonna do something important with my life.
I ‘ll be Miilennium Man! I’ll show the world !
Helicanus: You’ll show your naked butt if you don’t hold still!(Still tinkering on the tablet! The big screen shows SECRET DECODED!)
Harry: YES!Ha.Hah.ha.(Sideswiping the hanging computer tablet he had selected and occupies center stage)
            Do you know how lucky you are?
Harry: Let the game begin. Listen to me! Oh! Do you know how lucky you are?
Helicanus: ( Joining Harry on center stage and showing Harry his tablet’s output  pointing it to the big screen.)  Don’t you think you are the loser on these 3d LOSETRAP?
Harry: But I am different. I am going to win.
Helicanus: Can you name one person who’s made it to the second round a LIKE?
Harry: You’re absolutely free to leave after the first round.
==========MORE TO COME ========================
George Palaganas
George Palaganas

George Palaganas

Develop your city, transport networks and industry. A game at a whole new scale!


Sat, Sep 19, 2015
No copyright infringement intended. Lyrics and Music belong to it’s rightful owner. This video is for praise and worship purposes only. Watch in (HD)1080p Ab...
3 YEARS AGO TODAY Wed, Sep 19, 2012 George Palaganas shared his photo. September 19, 2012 at 2:22pm · #BEAM #NevadaStateCorporateNetwork #BaratzCPA #ImeldaLacayanga #GeorgePalaganas Featured BEAM B...

George Palaganas

Welcome to the Customer Support Forum. The Support Forum cultivates a beneficial relationship between our support team and our users.|By DriveHQ
George Palaganas
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Wed, Sep 19, 2012

#BEAM #NevadaStateCorporateNetwork #BaratzCPA #ImeldaLacayanga #GeorgePalaganas Featured BEAM BOARD Member: Imelda Lacayanga Tita Mel is the current BEAM CEO and Chairman of the Board. She lives in Franklin(Smithville),OREGON.

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From Shania Wilson Sharapova: (playing Cityville) I'm Full Of Hot Air!
But what I really need is some Helium! Help me round up some and let's keep working to make sure we get our balloon in the air!

Mon, Sep 19, 2011 At last, what is standing as an "eyesore" for more than a decade at the back of Quezon City Hall, the more than 30 floors of unfurbished building belonging previously to FilState(also known as The Real Tektite Tower or PhilTowers Place) will now "continue" as Suntrust Capitol PLAZA. Call 856-7015 for Inquiries!

George Palaganas added 10 new photos to the album: Family Members Pictures — with Lea Marquez and 4 others.

September 19, 2011 at 4:40pm ·

Pictures of Family Members from first generations to fifth generations (late 1800's to 2010)

George Palaganas's photo.
George Palaganas's photo.
George Palaganas's photo.
George Palaganas's photo.
George Palaganas's photo.
Jinky Antonis
Jinky Antonis thanks tito george
George Palaganas

George Palaganas Condolences to the bereaved family of Jerry Lamorena.(this is for trending purpose only. I remember Mrs. Jean Peña is talking about this already sometime back before the turn of the new millennium). It has to be verified further.

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George Palaganas

George Palaganas #June #Year2014 #GROUPSandLISTS #GroupPAGE #CommentsandPostings Welcome to the month of June, Year 2014! It’s good to see you all guys here again. The month of MAY GROUP page is at I hope we will all have another fruitful month of sharing and posting.

George Palaganas
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George Palaganas at Where was this photo taken?.
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George Palaganas

George Palaganas

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George Palaganas
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