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Missing Facebook Posts for March 4 on the following years; 2014(2 years ago), 2011(5 years ago),2010(6 years ago) and 2009(7 years ago).

Posts on these mentioned days must be matrixed with the Timeline/Timelines UNFAVORABLE with my current Timeline.

CURRENT Timeline Threads for “ON THIS DAY” POSTS  March 4  are the following years; Years 2015,2013 and 2012 ONLY!
Happy Reading!
Wed, Mar 4, 2015

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Mon, Mar 4, 2013

#CoolForSenator2016 #DalhinSiInayCoolSaSENADO #CHIP #LiberalParty #SSS #PagIbigFUND #GSIS COOL's baby bill: " The Creation of Comprehensive Housing Integrative Program(CHIP) that unifies the housing programs of PAG-IBIG,SSS, GSIS and other private housing program entities into one complete housing system.

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George Palaganas
George Palaganas
George Palaganas
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George Palaganas
George Palaganas Other baby bill of Cool: "The Philippine Professional Emancipation Bill" - This bill aims to guarantee that Philippine Professionals licensed by the PRC will not be "under rated" and aligned with skilled labor. And to coincide with this bill is the "The Anti- Identity Theft Bill". Under this bill is the automatic "half-million peso" loan grant in the form of a land title which can be mortgaged and used as a capital in maintaining Professional standards for every PRC licensed individual. This will also mandate the declaration of an accountant and a lawyer for every professional upon passing their Board Examinations. An automatic half-million peso award(not loan) will be awarded to any PRC licensed professional who will be a victim of identity theft.
George Palaganas
George Palaganas Another baby bill of Cool: "The Tax Identification Number(TIN) Welfare Bill" - This bill aims to alleviate the meagerness of income of citizens living below poverty line , that is, those whose income falls short of the standard daily wage set-up by Department of Labor and Employment(DOLE) and help them in "returning" to pay their income taxes again. A Welfare Check of Php1,500.00 every month will be given to those who will avail of the TIN Welfare. Since those whose income(computed per annum) falls short of the Standard Minimum Wage are not required to file their Income Tax Returns, TIN Welfare is not automatic since you have to waive your rights under the Philippine Privacy Act in the form of "probation" status of income. The probation is required to "guide the citizens" in returning to pay their ITR taxes(reads making their income arriving on the Standard Daily Wage set).
George Palaganas
George Palaganas Another baby bill of Cool: " The Comprehensive Reserve Officers Program(CROP) Bill" - This bill aims to tap the Army Reserve Command Unit of the Armed Forces of the Philippines to require them to serve on "honorarium basis" on communication installations such as Post Offices, port communication installations including airport and piers, mass media installations including radio and tv stations, internet shops, etc. A 30 hour per year minimum hours of service is required.
George Palaganas
George Palaganas On 07-March-2013, George Palaganas posted on the group Taga Batch 81 ka ng PSCES kung at From George Palaganas:
#PhilippineElections #May13 #Year2013 #PaniquiSouthCENTRALelementarySchool #Paniqui #GeorgePalaganas
It's 66 days before the Philippine ELECTIONS 2013 comes! I will be on the school(PSCES) to VOTE on this day! See you guys who were registered to vote on PSCES.
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George Palaganas
Sun, Mar 4, 2012
George Palaganas added 24 new photos to the album: Proposition 8 (California) — at United States District Court for the Northern District of California.
March 4, 2012 at 12:59pm ·
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