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Hey Everyone,

This is "Lord Jack" coming to you from one of the most versatile programs on the internet called "Drive Headquarters apart of the MBizGroup.

At any rate this site here is my message-board on this elaborate progrom. You should get on here and check the entire site out to see if you could use such a full featured "free" program.

Excellent features for anyone needing an all in one type of program that intigrates a uploader for all your files, your own message board that can be made private just for your family or associates. To numerous to mention all the wonderful features that come with this program.

You will get an invite from me sometime this weekend asking you all to check this website out for yourselves to see how great it is. Well that's it for now make sure to keep checking your email for the email I will be sending you about this sight.

Till then,

LordJack.... aka: Jack

9/10/2005 12:57:04 AM

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