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Is motion detection included in free account?

Will it work by itself by the server software? Or i need to do something with the camera?

Can I get e-mail when something is detected?

8/30/2015 11:27:53 AM

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Subject: Re:motion detection


The free trial parameters are 320x240, 1 frame/3 seconds, motion detection ON, 1 camera for image plans, and 320x240, 1 frame/second, motion detection ON, 1 camera for video plans. So yes, motion detection is included in the free account. Please note that if you do not use VSS to save your files locally, you will only have 3 days of a free trial account.

You will need to configure the camera's parameters and so that it is recording to our FTP servers. If you email asking for more details, one of our support agents will be able to provide you with some help on how to setup recording.

You can receive daily email updates, or download the app to your phone and receive mobile updates when motion is detected.

8/31/2015 3:14:57 PM

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Subject: Re:motion detection

>>> Is motion detection included in free account?

CameraFTP offers 3-day free trial. In general, our service is not free. If you install our mobile camera app, you can use our free service to keep an eye on something. However, the free service offers very weak security.

Motion detection is both a feature and a restriction. If you order a plan with motion detection, then you must configure your camera to upload image / video based on motion detection. Otherwise, if your camera uploads continuously, it will exceed the usage limit and be blocked. CameraFTP mobile camera apps and Virtual Security System software support motion-triggered uploading. Most IP cameras also support motion detection.

>>> Will it work by itself by the server software? Or i need to do something with the camera?

If your camera supports motion detection, usually it can send an email, or upload the image / video when an event is detected. If you don't want to configure email notification on your camera, then you can use our server-based event notification. Please note our server does not really detect motions; it will treat an upload event after x minutes as an event. Thus the accuracy of motion detection is determined by your camera settings.

You can view your events on (click on the email icon near the top-right corner). If you install CameraFTP Viewer on iPhone, Android or Windows phone, you can receive push notification messages on your device.

8/31/2015 3:33:10 PM

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