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12/22/2014 10:14:53 AM

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Subject: Re: Video / audio support

CameraFTP supports video / audio storage; however, your camera must support video recording and uploading.

Almost all IP cameras support local real-time video / audio monitoring, but that's not enough. It usually requires the camera to support H.264 encoding for best video compression, otherwise, the upload bandwidth requirement will be too large. Moreover, the camera must be able to create video clip files and upload them via FTP. 

Currently, over 75% of IP cameras cannot upload video clips.

A few models that support video clips include: DLink Cloud Camera 942, TrendNet TV-IP762IC, etc.

Almost all IP cameras can upload image snapshots. If a camera keeps uploading image snapshots every few minutes, then CameraFTP has viewer apps that can play them just like video. In this case, there will be no sound.

If your IP camera cannot upload video clips, you can use CameraFTP's Virtual Security System software (VSS). Note: It requires your computer to be turned on. You can download VSS at:

- You can use a webcam as an IP camera. VSS supports video / audio recording and uploading.

- You can use VSS to connect to your IP camera. Even if your IP camera cannot upload video clips, VSS can create and upload video clips to CameraFTP by utilizing your PC's processing power.





12/22/2014 12:07:31 PM

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