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Is the only time that the camera record function will work when the app is up on the screen?

When I minimize it or lock the computer it ceases to run?

1/24/2024 10:37:46 AM

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Subject: Re:recording when minimized or locked

I guess you mean the Webcam Security Camera app, which is an app for the Microsoft App Store. Microsoft Store apps are like apps on your phone/tablet. Some advanced features are restricted by the operating system. In this case, if you minimize the app, the app will be suspended by the OS. 

CameraFTP has a much more powerful program called CameraFTP Virtual Security System. It is a regular desktop program, which can take full advantage of your PC. It can act as a CCTV NVR System with more and better features. We recommend switching to VSS. The advantages include:

(1) VSS supports multiple webcams;

(2) VSS can connect to multiple IP cameras and NVRs, displaying live videos on the PC screen while also recording footage;

(3) VSS supports both local recording and cloud recording.

(4) VSS can be minimized or locked.

(5) VSS can run in the background service mode. (it can record even if nobody is logged into the PC).

(6) VSS can start automatically if the PC is rebooted.

(7) VSS supports screen-recording camera, which can be used to monitor PC usage (e.g.: by kids / employees).

To switch to VSS, you can install CameraFTP VSS software and remove/stop the Webcam Security Camera app. You also need to delete the old camera folder on website.(or re-use the camera folder when you add a new webcam in VSS)


1/24/2024 11:25:29 AM

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