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 buena tarde necesito informacion para configurar mi camara ip para poder transmitir en vivo mi camara, y poder publicar en mi pagina web 

2/20/2023 2:47:13 PM

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Subject: Re:configuracion transmision en vivo

 >>> Good afternoon, I need information to configure my ip camera to be able to transmit my camera live, and to be able to publish on my website.

For configuring IP cameras, please visit:

We have listed a lot of IP camera brands and models. Please read at least one setup guide document even if your camera brand/model is not listed. The steps are usually similar. There are mainly 3 ways to setup cameras: (1) Configure an IP camera to upload to CameraFTP directly; (2) Use CameraFTP VSS running on a PC as a virtual CCTV DVR system. It can connect to your IP cameras, displaying the live videos and upload footage to the cloud; (3) use webcam, smartphone or tablet as IP camera with CameraFTP Webcam Security Camera or Mobile Security Camera app.

For information about how to publish a camera and embed in your own web pages, please visit:

and watch the tutorial video.


CameraFTP has a lot of tutorial videos, please watch some of them based on your needs:








2/21/2023 10:22:22 AM

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