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 I recently discovered this app, and I would like to know if Spedal cameras are supported with this app?

1/16/2023 2:09:09 AM

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Subject: Re:Please help

I am not sure which app you refer to. CameraFTP has a lot of APPs. I guess you mean CameraFTP VSS software? CameraFTP VSS can use a PC as a CCTV DVR system. It can save the cost of buying a DVR/NVR. It works with all webcams. For IP cameras, it supports most non-proprietary IP cameras. Proproetary IP cameras are those cameras that are locked in with the manufacturer's cloud service, such as Nest Cam, Arlo, Ring, etc. Non-proprietary IP cameras are those cameras that support standard protocols such as RTSP, ONVIF and FTP/SMTP. 

CameraFTP does not make, sell, or manage IP cameras. Sorry we are not familiar with Spedal cameras. Please check in the product manual and also try to access the camera's setup interface.

If the camera supports FTP/SMTP, usually you can configure it to record to CameraFTP cloud directly without a PC.  Otherwise, if it supports RTSP, VSS usually can connect to the video stream, display the live video on the PC screen and record the footage to the local disk and to the cloud. VSS also works with most MJPEG IP cameras (old IP cameras). For analog IP cameras / DVRs, you will need a video capture card to make it work with VSS.


1/16/2023 10:23:41 AM

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