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  how do I get motion-sensing on my subscription

9/23/2022 1:09:07 AM

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Subject: Re: why no motion sensor on my subscription

If you ordered a "VSS local recording plan", it is quite different from a cloud recording plan. 

With a local recording plan, you must use CameraFTP VSS software on a PC. The footage will be recorded to your local PC. A small portion can be recorded to the cloud.
In general, because a local recording plan requires little resource from the cloud server, it has no limit on recording parameters. It is still limited by your camera quality, your PC/local network speed, and your amount of local storage space. If you want to set motion-recording, you can do so from CameraFTP VSS software.
In comparison, a cloud recording plan has limit on recording parameters. You must configure your camera to record based on the plan's parameters. If your camera uploads at higher parameters than the plan's parameters, it must be corrected ASAP (within a few days). Otherwise, the server may block your camera or your account.

9/23/2022 10:33:05 AM

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