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 I want to delete my cameras from the CameraFTP "My Cameras". The site says I need to logon as the account's Camera Admin. It also says the default password would be the same as my account. I have tried, and it doesn’t work. How can I recover my account's Camera Admin password?

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5/6/2020 9:05:04 PM

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Subject: Re:reset admin password

By default, your camera admin password is the same as your initial account password. You changed your regular account password, but the camera admin password probably was not changed. I have reset it to be the same as your current password. If you have any more questions, please feel free to call/email us.

5/13/2020 1:59:04 AM

  • Troy Bergren
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Subject: Re:reset secure password

 how do i get my secure password back?

12/9/2023 6:06:46 PM

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Subject: Re:reset admin password

The Secure Admin password is initially set to be the same as your regular account password. You can change your regular account password or secure admin password later. For best security, we recommend that you use different passwords. Both passwords are encrypted. If you forgot your password, you can only reset it as we cannot decrypt your password.

Please watch this video for information about how to reset your secure camera admin password, delete a camera or folders/files, or cancel a subscription:

If you just want to reset your regular account password, you can visit website, go to the Login page, click "Forgot Password".


12/10/2023 11:15:25 AM

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