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 Howdy, I'm a new user here. How do I set up my account subscription for time-lapse? I don't want montion activation, just a frame every minute or so, stitched together in a time-lapse stream for a construction project.

4/26/2017 3:09:15 PM

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Subject: Re:time lapse

Many construction companies use our service for time lapse.  CameraFTP does not have a specific plan for time-lapse, however, we offer a flexible & customizable service plan that can better meet your requirements. 

You just need to order an image recording plan at a low frequency. You can select 1 image/minute, 1 image/2 minutes, ... or 1 image per 15 minutes; you also need to set a long retention time. If the project will last for a year, then you should set the retention days to at least 1 year. We support up to 10 years of retention. If you need longer retention or permanent storage, you can store it to DriveHQ

To play back the time-lapse, you can use our browser based viewer, or CameraFTP mobile viewer app for iOS / Android. You can change the play speed.

Many companies want to share their cameras, or even publish them for anybody to view. You can do so easily on CameraFTP. Just log on to, go to My Cameras page and select a camera, then click on Share or Publish. 


3/1/2018 2:55:21 PM

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