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For a starter I have had to pay TWICE as the software would do nothing until I had paid for a second time, I thought I would have received a message that I had setup an account but alas NO.

My problem is: Although the advertising says the software is compatable with Trendnet it fails to see the cameras refusing the Password each time I try despite the camera's being found immediately in Trendnet Pro software and the Cloud, of course the password is correct and is the same for both camera's.

Have I bought two memberships and thrown my money away ??

Please if you can help WONDERFUL.

10/2/2017 3:56:59 PM

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Subject: Re:Tearing my hair out now. New Kid on the Block

 Hi Peter, 

If you go to your current subscription page, you will see that you have two active subscriptions: This is why you see two payments for $4.95. Did you intend to do this? If not, please cancel the subscription from the page linked previously and we will make sure to credit your account for the accidental duplicate order. 

Please email with any other questions.


CameraFTP Support

10/3/2017 8:27:35 AM

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