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  • michaelakrugman
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 Hello:  I've found several times the event message "Motion detected on camera <Undefined>.  Most of the time if there is a event message it does give the correct camera but I'm getting more and more of these along with the other two issues I've sent in.  Help is appreciated.

4/12/2017 2:40:09 PM

  • michaelakrugman
  • (2 posts)
Subject: Re:Motion detected on camera

 OK..I think I have the recording issue solved.  There isn't hardly any activity here as I live alone.  I had to set the sensitivity to 6 and that part seems OK now...there are events in the log with <undefined> in them.  I still have the issue not receiving push notifications.  It is enabled in my account and my phone does give correct permissions.  This was working yesterday but not at all today.  Thank you for your help.

4/12/2017 3:53:26 PM

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