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 I am using the video recording plan and my Amcrest system uploads dav format. The cameraftp website or iOS app do not seem to play this format. When I try downloading from iOS device, it tries to download asp file rather than dav. How do I play this on iOS ?



7/15/2016 9:24:27 AM

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Subject: Re:Dav format

Thanks for your message. Looking to our 'Cameras' tab, you will see that we actually have quite a bit of documentation for various brands/models, including Amcrest:

Amcrest records video clips in a proprietary video format of .DAV. The cloud recording feature works just fine, but .DAV video type cannot be played in CameraFTP Viewer or any popular video player such as Windows Media Player or VLC Player. You must install Amcrest Smart Player, and download the recorded footage to your local PC to play the video clips.

The above problem can be solved if you use image recording instead of video recording. As you probably know, image recording is not much different from video recording. The recorded images can be played like video with lower frames per second and no audio support (most ourdoor cameras don't support audio recording anyway).

If you want .MP4 video support, you can use a PC running CameraFTP VSS. CameraFTP VSS can connect to the video stream and record .MP4 video clips to the cloud. If you don't want to use a PC, then you might want to order a Wansview, Foscam or D-link camera. 

Please keep us posted with any other questions,
CameraFTP Support


7/15/2016 9:32:28 AM

  • Tasha Sande
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Subject: Re:Dav format

According to my experience, DAV files cannot be played on iOS devices. It's not a mainstream media format, you need to convert it to the format that can be compatible with iOS devices first. I searched in Google and found this review that has recommended some DAV file players:

Hope this can be helpful. Good luck.

8/18/2017 4:30:09 AM

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