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 Hi anybody got else got issues with skybroadband. I have a sr102 router my camera cannot access the cameraftp worked previously with ee broadband.Any ideas people?

2/13/2016 8:21:13 AM

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Subject: Re:sky broadband

CameraFTP service is rarely blocked by any ISPs or routers because we don't require any inbound connection. (Thus, using our service will not create any security issues to your local network.)

Please try to log on to our website from a PC / Mac and see if you can log on. (I believe you can since you posted this message).

The second step is to check if you can log on to our FTP server using an FTP client program, such as FileZilla. You can also use a web browser to test FTP connectivity, just type in the following FTP address:

If your password contains a special character, then you must use:

you will then be prompted to log on.

If you can log on using FileZilla or web browser, then your cameras can also log on. In this case, you need to make sure that your cameras are connected to the network. If you use Wi-Fi, please make sure that Wi-Fi signal is strong enough. You might also try rebooting the router and the camera.

If you still cannot log on to our FTP server, then you can contact your ISP. They should fix the problem for you as they don't have any good reasons to block our service. 


2/13/2016 10:22:28 AM

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