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I am wondering if I should upgrade to a group account. I have been using your service for a few months now. I share files with some co-workers. Everything works fine, but it seems group account has additional value and I am not sure what it is. Please explain to me what are the benefits of upgrading to a group account.

12/20/2006 11:18:14 AM

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Subject: Re: Group account

The Group Account features is designed for small businesses or organizations. When you have a team working for the same company or the same project, using Group Account is more convenience than using standalone accounts.

The benefits of using Group Account incl.:

(1) Central Management. The Group Account Owner or Admin has full control to all sub-accounts. It can create/delete/edit/access sub-accounts. This way, group members don't have to contact DriveHQ support should they have any issues. The Group Admin can resolve almost all issues.

(2) Easier Collaboration among Group Members. By default, the system creates two shared folders GroupRead and GroupWrite for group sharing. Users can easily share a folder to all group members as it added a feature called "Share to group".

(3) Cost Saving. If 10 people in an organization need to subscribe to 2GB service, which costs $49.99/year. The total cost is $499.9. With a group account, the Group Owner can subscribe to 20 GB service and allocate storage to sub-users. Thus, the cost is only $199.99 + $59.99 (Group User licenses).


12/20/2006 11:50:34 AM

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