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I've set up the free service account and would like to know if the following is possible.  We have the need to have upload capabilities for specific clients, but to have the contents be hidden from other users.  We service clients that are in the same industry and will need to upload artwork for our use, but want to ensure that their art, which may be proprietary in some cases, cannot be viewed by anyone other than us.  Can I assign specific users with folder designations and passwords?




9/29/2011 6:40:55 AM

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Subject: Re:Access To Specific Folders

Hello Travis,

Our service certainly supports your requirements.  You can use our group account service to create different subusers who you can manage.  They'll each get their own DriveHQ account.  You can then create folders for each client in your own account and share them to the subusers.  When they upload their work to the shared folder only you will be able to view their artwork.  The other subusers by default cannot see anyone else's folders.  Our sales and support staff would be more than happy to go over this in detail with you.  Please contact them at or call us at 800-836-0199.  Thanks!

9/29/2011 9:56:13 AM

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