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Hello. The service works great for a mapped drive with the drive mapping tool, and for direct WebDAV connections via URL/domain name with no username and password.

I have an app that uses WebDAV directly and drive mapping doesn't work for it, because it does not use drive letters.

While the URL method, with key embedded in the domain name / link / URL works fine, anyone that can capture this from my network traffic, including DNS or web requests, is able to have full access to my account.

If I am misunderstanding something here, please let me know.

If I understand these issues correctly, is there a way that I can connect with the following conditions?:

1. direct through an app with no drive mapping tool (app does not use drives)

2. with https connection

3. with username/password

4. with standard webdav with basic authentication (digest authentication does not work for this app).

Thank you.


12/6/2021 11:37:16 AM

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Subject: Re:WebDAV with SSL, username/pw, without drive mapping tool possible?

DriveHQ supports regular WebDAV URLs such as:  (maps to the root folder of an account, which includes all files/folders in your own account, and a special folder "DriveHQShare" which contains all folders shared with you by other users.)

or   (maps to a folder in your own account, i.e. a folder in your own My Storage)

or   (maps to a folder shared with you by USERNAME)

See the screenshot below:

You will need to log in with your DriveHQ username and password.

The Y: drive is mapped successfully:


We recommend using DriveHQ WebDAV Drive Mapping Tool. It includes a local cache service, which can dramatically increase the cloud drive's speed and reliability





12/17/2021 12:43:09 AM

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