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( Sry put the wrong "from" on the last post )All the files i'm trying to publish are not working.. my pic's a few songs and everything.. that i try to publish, will publish, but then the link goes to Blank files ..? It was working fine up until last night.. is there something I did? i don't believe i did anything different.. but could use help... thanks

3/20/2005 4:16:52 PM

  • LordJackNaughton
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Subject: Re: site-problem
I'm attempting to try an reply here, hope this will work.

9/10/2005 12:30:56 AM

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Subject: Re: site-problem -- Not a problem
No, there is no problem with the website. The problem here is you cannot directly link to a file in your published folder. It will work for a while; but when the session times out, the link will become invalid. To get a permanent link to a published file, please follow this instructions: Click on "Publish" on top of the Homepage; click on "Manage My Published Folder", Click on the published folder in the list; You should see this: "This folder is accessible at:, No logon is required to access this folder. " This link is the permanent link to the published folder. Click on the link to open the folder, and click on each file to open the file. You can find the "permanent link to the file" by copying the Download link (and remove forceDownload=true)

11/3/2005 2:17:45 PM

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