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hi i know some ideas for filemanager.

first a built-in html reader.
i use my account primarily for html files and it would be lot easyer to read the html documents with filemanager without going to use internet browser at all. i know you can read the file in this site but i want to use the filemanager because its better.

and second an update manager for filemanager:
you can update small thinks without download a new version in this site.
small things: language files, skin files, minor or major updates.
if you update those. drivehq will be superior

6/29/2007 9:23:42 PM

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Subject: Re: DriveHQ FileManager 3.8
Thank you for your comments. We actually have an auto-update built-in; but so far we have never turned it on. Part of the logic was if it works, you don't need to update. We will turn it on when we release version 4.0.

6/30/2007 12:43:44 AM

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