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Drive Headquarters launches a new premium FTP hosting site - proFTP.drivehq.com.

Drive Headquarters (https://www.drivehq.com) has launched a new premium FTP hosting site - proFTP.drivehq.com, designed for business customers.

May 12, 2010, Drive Headquarters, Inc. (https://www.drivehq.com), the leading Online File Storage & Sharing, Online Backup, Folder Synchronization and FTP Server Hosting service provider has launched a new premium FTP hosting site - proFTP.drivehq.com, designed for premium users and sub-users of premium group accounts.

DriveHQ is one of the largest FTP Server Hosting service providers. With more than one million registered users, and tens of thousands of enterprise customers, DriveHQ has enabled small businesses to transfer huge amounts of data to remote offices or remote clients. Over the past few years, more and more customers use DriveHQ FTP hosting service for heavy-duty FTP needs, such as automatically backing up large amounts of data, uploading images from a surveilance camera, sending extensive video files, etc. As such, DriveHQ FTP service load has increased dramatically. In addition to adding more FTP Servers / upgrading FTP server hardware, DriveHQ has launched a new proFTP.drivehq.com site to offer optimal service to premium users. The new site is free of charge to premium users; though they can still use the original ftp.drivehq.com site if preferred.

Those who use a custom domain FTP Server hosting will also be supported on the new site. Users just need to add a new FTP DNS name that resolves to The new DNS name can be added from your DNS server or from your domain registrar's website.

ProFTP.drivehq.com generally performs faster than ftp.drivehq.com, however, there is no guarantee on that. It depends on the load at the time. Premium users can also connect to ftp.drivehq.com for redundancy.

The new ProFTP.drivehq.com has also dramatically improved its support for Active FTP. Active FTP is usually blocked by anti-virus software, firewalls or routers, etc. Using Active FTP, the FTP server must connect back to the client computer for FTP data connection, which is considered dangerous by firewalls, thus it is usually blocked. Such a block has nothing to do with DriveHQ FTP server, but rather related with the firewall / router / anti-virus software on the client side. Most popular FTP client software supports Passive FTP, which is usually not blocked by any software. Users can also use DriveHQ FileManager client software, which works just like FTP client, but uses HTTP protocol.

Microsoft command-line FTP client support
Microsoft command-line FTP client is widely used by system administrators. However, it is "crippled" as it doesn't support Passive FTP. On the other hand, Windows Explorer can be used as a simple FTP client that supports drag and drop without installing any software! Windows Explorer supports Passive FTP. Just enter the following address:


Active FTP works fine if you don't have any firewall / router / anti-virus software and your computer is directly connected to the Internet with a public IP address. Since almost all computers are connected behind a firewall / router, the regular ftp.drivehq.com cannot work with Active FTP in most cases.

With the new ProFTP.drivehq.com, Active FTP works fine if your NAT router supports translating FTP PORT command & IP address and allows the FTP server to connect back to the client. It seems most routers now support these features.

DriveHQ premium users can start using the new proFTP.drivehq.com FTP site immediately. Free service users must upgrade to paid service to access the new FTP site. A premium demo account is available upon request.

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