Improved Hosting With New Web Templates

Web Hosting Just Got Better

DriveHQ is one of the most versatile enterprise cloud providers out there. We offer many different ways to transfer files, collaborate and manage projects, and can help provide you with the tools you need to invigorate your business. Well now, included in our lineup of features, is our web template offering. If you need a website, or want to improve your current website, you can not only pick out a pre-designed web template, but you can also host your website with DriveHQ. All you need is your domain and you can host with us right away.

Choose from a variety of websites that are all designed to fit in with your business. With no customization restrictions, you will have complete control over your logo, the text, any images or videos, or any other features you want to put onto your website. You will be able to have a fully functional website up and running quicker than you could have imagined.

You will also have the freedom to do whatever you want with the web template, once you have purchased it. That means that you can work with people who you know are reliable and trustworthy to look after your website and the data that you put on it, or you can take care of everything yourself and remain in complete control of your website. You will not be required to host with DriveHQ, but if you need a web-hosting provider, we are here for you. In any case, lets take a look at what’s available.

Free Templates

For smaller users, or users who don’t need a site with high-end functionality, you can take a look at the free web templates. Initially, we will offer 4 different free web templates. These will have all the basic capabilities of a website.

Basic Templates

If you want more than just the basic capabilities of a website, but aren’t in need of a ton of flashy features, you can check out the Basic Templates. These are perfect for small and medium sized businesses that are looking to have more interactive features.

High End Templates

For more advanced users, or for larger organizations, we offer high-end web templates that allows for better control of the site, both from the IT perspective, and from the user/client perspective. These templates are designed for large organizations and businesses that rely on having a major web presence.