CameraFTP Preconfigured Models Are Here!

CameraFTP technicians have tested numerous IP camera brands/models and selected the best ones to be included in our preconfigured solutions. If you are not tech savvy, it is recommended to order a preconfigured camera. The advantages include: - Save the time in researching a best camera model to fit your needs; - Ensure the camera is compatible with our service and supports the specific service plan. - Requires no technical expertise to set it up. - Covered by CameraFTP's U.S. based technical support.

Why CameraFTP Preconfigured Cameras?

  • IP cameras can be easily destroyed by an intruder. You need to record the data to the cloud.
  • CameraFTP preconfigured cameras are the easiest Cloud Recording cameras.
  • Our technicians have tested numerous camera brands and models and picked the best ones for you.
  • They support both wireless and wired connections.
    • Wi-Fi: No network/video cabling is required (within Wi-Fi range);
    • Wired: Long range and high reliability
  • Unlimited cloud storage, no local storage required.
  • Recorded data cannot be destroyed by any intruders.
  • Live view or playback from anywhere on any devices.
  • Technical support by U.S. based team!
    • Frustrated with poor documentation and out-of-country tech support from your camera manufacturer? Enjoy CameraFTP's Silicon Valley based technical experts as your go-to support

Software & Mobile Apps

  • CameraFTP Viewer App for iOS, Android, WP and Windows;
  • Browser-based viewer for Windows and Mac