What's New With CameraFTP

CameraFTP is getting some improvements in the coming months. We are excited to roll out some new features and even some new services. So, what’s new with CameraFTP?

Camera Configuration Checker

With this new tool, you will have complete access to what our servers are receiving from each individual camera, and whether or not this matches a subscription that you have ordered. That way, you can tell whether your camera is configured correctly or not, and what to adjust your settings to.

New Tool: Camera Configuration Tool

Maybe you already have a camera but just don’t know how to set it up. With our new Camera Configuration tool, you will be able to detect a camera’s IP address, and then automatically have it configured to match your subscription parameters. You can even do this will multiple cameras to save time, and in most cases, setup will take fewer than 5 minutes. If you do want to manually configure your camera, but don’t know the IP address, you can also use this tool to find out.

New Service: CameraFTP Configured Cameras

Maybe you’re not tech savvy. Maybe you don’t have time to setup your camera. Whatever the case may be you will soon be able to order a camera that is already pre-configured to match your requirements. When you order this camera, you will receive a camera serial code, which you can either use to create your account, or enter into your existing account to add the camera to your service. Then, it’s as easy as turning on the camera and letting it record away. You will have total access to the footage from our website, and will never have to worry about exceeding your usage limit.