Transferring Large Files to Many Users

Distributing Large Files to your Users

Are you in an industry where you constantly have to work on large files with different people at different times? For many enterprise cloud users, this is the case, and there aren’t a lot of great options right now. Sure, you could use a file sync and storage solution, but sync is very basic and weak in an enterprise setting. After all, you have to wait around for everyone to download the same file to each individual computer’s local storage. It’s a slow and inefficient process. But that’s not even the worst part. If you have more than one person working on it, but you’re working on a file that was downloaded to many computers, and then all of those files are synced back to the cloud-based copy. The system won’t know which changes are going to be saved and which changes are going to be overwritten.

But if it is so hard to work on one large file with several people, because of the constant uploads and downloads, won’t moving all of the large files at once, to a different provider, take way too long? Not to worry. DriveHQ is one of the world’s largest FTP hosts, and with our FileManager or your FTP client software of choice, you will be able to quickly and easily migrate all of your large files over very quickly. And with features such as multi-threaded upload and magic upload, you can upload more files at once, and even if something happens during the migration—your computer crashes, the internet goes down, whatever—you will be able to resume the task right from where you left off.

Once you have successfully migrated over to DriveHQ, you’ll really see how easy it is to manage files and collaborate with hundreds of users. Once these files are migrated, you will be able to directly store them on one account; you will simply need to create a share folder. When you setup users access, you will have the option to control what level of permission each user has to that particular folder/file.