Online backup, storage & sharing, starts at $1.99 for unlimited PCs, Servers & MACs. Basic service is FREE

Have you backed up your business data? In-house / USB backup is not reliable and cannot survive major disasters like fire, earthquake, hurricane, disk crash, virus and accidental deletion, etc. DriveHQ Offsite Backup is secure. You can Backup / Remote Access / Restore / Share files anywhere; no backup device is needed!

DriveHQ is one of the first few companies offering Online Backup service. At version 5.0, with over 1.5 million registered users, 10s of thousands of business customers, DriveHQ Online Backup is the trusted online backup solution for business. (Read customer testimonials)

  • It has a lot of high-end backup features (see the comparison table below).
  • Offsite backup to our state-of-the-art facility, secure & reliable.
  • Backup, access and restore files / emails remotely.
  • Group & business backup with multi-PC, multi-user support;
    No limit on number of PCs. No extra charge per PC.
  • Group admin tool, server backup & network backup.
  • Version 6.0 is optimized for businesses, incl. large enterprises, solution providers, service providers and resellers.
  • Customized website logo and logon page (view sample).
  • Supports Mac Online Backup; supports Linux / Unix / Mac through DriveHQ FTP.

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Compare with major online backup service providers: DriveHQ is many times better, easier & cheaper!

Features DriveHQ ATT OnlineVault Files-Anywhere MozyPro Data-DepositBox MyDocs-Online
Free basic service (Yes for home users only)
Service Price Per Month 2GB: $2.99
6GB: $7.99
More available
5GB: $10
10GB: $20
More available at $2/GB
5GB: $8.95
12GB: $28.95
More available
5GB: $6.45 - 9.45;
More available;
Additional charges per PC
2GB: $4
5GB: $10
More available at $2/GB
1GB: $10
5GB: $33
Free service max file size Unlimited - - - - -
Automatic Backup software
Incremental Backup
Scheduled Backup
Real-time Backup 2 hours
Email backup Wizard N/A
Backup files in-use Unclear Unclear Unclear Unclear
Backup file versions Unclear
Web access Not clear
Fast performance w. caching N/A N/A Unclear
Data compression for fast upload Unknown (?) Unknown
Combine small files for fast upload
File encryption
Group account & group plan (?)
OS Platform All (Mac & Linux through web & FTP) PC Only All (Mac & Linux through web & FTP) Windows & Mac PC Only PC Only
Info is checked to be correct as of Dec. 1 2012. Please email moc.qhevird@tcatnoc for corrections or updates.