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  • Don’t leave your loved ones burdened
    with the cost of your funeral.
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What Is A Pre-Paid-Funeral?

A Prepaid funeral is the easiest way you can protect your family from the distress of having to make difficult financial decisions during an emotional time.

Your decision to invest in a pre-paid funeral plan will immediately relieve them of the financial burden that comes unexpected funeral arrangements.

Why Pre-Pay For Your Funeral?

Like most things in the UK these days, the cost of a funeral has been rising substantially each year.

Many families will soon have serious difficulties paying all these unexpected funeral bills. By freezing these costs at today’s prices, you can give your family the peace of mind they deserve.

How Will Pre-Paying Help You?

  • Relieves your loved ones of the stress of unexpected funeral expenses.
  • Entitles you to an exclusive no-obligation quote.
  • Compare plans and apply from the comfort of your own home.
  • All funeral plan costs are fixed at today’s prices.
  • A streamlined process that ensures you will be accepted.
  • Eliminates any complicated claims procedures

Funeral Costs Continue To Rise:

The Facts

In 20 years time, the average cost of a funeral could total well over . .

You see, in just the last 10 years even the cost for a basic funeral has gone up by 88%! ***

It’s easy to see how this has become a serious financial burden for many families around the country.**

Projected Costs in 2031 are a staggering £11,196

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