Study guide for final: Revise negative numbers in binary system, conversion between hex-oct-dec-bin bases, addition, multiplication.
Drawing  circuit from expression or vice versa. Truth tables, minterms, k-map, decoder, mux, encoder, demux. Good luck.

Attention:   Here is the model answers to quizzes and midsemester exam.

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Week  Topic
video lecture
1 Oct 19-25 Course Overview, Analog/Digital signals and systems, AND, OR, NOT logic (lecture-1 slides) video lecture : Logic Design: Part 1
video lecture : Intr. to Logic Gates
Ramaswamy Palaniappan ch2. p.19-32 (link)
2 Oct 26-31 Binary,Hexadecimal, Octal, BCD numbers (lecture-2 slides)
Ramaswamy Palaniappan ch1. p.9-18 (link)
3 Nov 2-8 Logic gates, fixed-function logic, revision hour for quiz-1 (lecture-3 slides)
next week - quiz 1
intro to logisim
Ramaswamy Palaniappan ch3. p.33-46 (link)
4 Nov 9-15 Analysis of Logic circuits, constructing truth table Boolean Algebra rules, De Morgan's theorem, Standard forms,  project-1
(lecture-4 slides)
video lecture : implementing a logic circuit from a Boolean expression MiroslawW
5 Nov 16-22  (logisim program and sample circuits)
Truth tables and SOP, POS, Minimization of logic expressions, k-maps (lecture-5 slides)
video lecture : Boolean Algebra (SOP)_MiroslawW

Ramaswamy Palaniappan ch.4 (4.1.0-4.3.5) (link)
6 Nov 23-29 Don't care conditions, BCD to 7 segment display logic circuit design (lecture-6 slides)
revision hour for exam (slides)
next week - mid-semester exam
Exam Announcement and Guidance
7 Nov 30-Dec 6
Mid-semester examination
Mid-semester exam IT-A     Mid-semester exam CENG-B
quiz-2 sample questions

8 Dec 7-13
Arithmetic logic circuits, Half adders, Full adders, Parallel adder circuit, subtractor (lecture slides)
video lecture : Combinational Logic - Adders and Subtractors-David Williams (22 min. RAMASWAMY PALANIAPPAN-Ch6-Arithmetic Circuits-p87_97
9 Dec 14-20
Encoders, Decoders (lecture slides-a)
Multiplexers, Demultiplexers (lecture slides-b) 
video lecture : Decoders 
video lecture : Multiplexers 
RAMASWAMY PALANIAPPAN-Ch7-Coders and Multiplexers-p98_113
10 Dec 21-27 quiz 2 all versions
Flip-flops, latches
Here are introductory video lesson and reading material for basic elements of memory i.e. latches and flip-flops. Read and wacth to get familiar with the topic.
video lecture : From Latches To Flip-Flops
RAMASWAMY PALANIAPPAN Ch 5.1 Set-Reset latches and flip-flops
11 Dec 28-31 (Jan 1 holiday)
Here some sample questions based on the week 9-10 reading material and video lectures.
quiz-3 on Jan 7, at 2:30 at 301, 214. get ready. only week 9-10 topics are included.
video lecture: Different Types of Flip-Flops (19:33) by Peter Mathys
RAMASWAMY PALANIAPPAN Ch 5.2-5.4 Jack-Kilby and Data- and Toggle flip-flops
12 Jan 4-10 (Jan 6 holiday) quiz 3

video lecture: 
13 Jan 11-15 quiz 4
this will be the last quiz. example questions will be uploaded later.
14 Jan 17-24
Final Exams
15 Jan 25-29
Final Exams