Active Directory Integration

Active Directory Integratioin enables centralized, secure management of an entire enterprise network so that users can access DriveHQ using the same logon credentials as they do with their existing service.

ADI Details

  • Simple AD Agent

    Simply install the AD Agent Service on the domain server and logon as a domain admin - the service will integrate the logon process.

  • Group Account Service

    Our group account service already includes many components similar to Active Directory, such as different user roles, sub-groups, contact groups, integrated files and folders, and much more.

  • Do You Need ADI?

    For organizations with thousands of employees in multiple locations, AD makes system integration far more efficient. The IT department can manage all computers, users, and groups from the central AD server.

  • Adding Users

    System admins can easily batch import users from the Active Directory database into DriveHQ Group Account Service. SSO can be further customized to support other forms of authentication