An Open Letter to the Webmaster
Today is 26-April-2009 Sun 8:58pm Manila
Dear Webmaster:
I have logged on to the system from IP Address:, a certain Tarlac internet cafe opposite KING Burger Tarlac City Plazuela listed as GBB-SAN-JUAN on record based on it's IP, on 24-Feb-2009(23-Feb-2009 Mon), but my query on the   site was reflected as Wednesday, January 9, 2002 11:34 PM based from an automated response I received on the sign-up e-mail I have provided upon registration.
Your IP is reflected as and on record listed as 45-4910173_TARLAC STATE UNIVERSITY.  I am sending this comment from Quezon City and my IP Address is listed on record as 2-7091143_SKYTEA INTERNET CAFFE.   The topics I have started were not reflected yet and I need to be informed why it was disapproved or delayed in posting,if it was just a delayed matter.  I am attaching the automated e-mail response from the system coming from the e-addie of a certain  Please do enlighten me  on this  as I am perplexed on the way the network was connected.
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Subj:Re: Feedback Information
Date: Wednesday, January 9, 2002 11:34 PM
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24-February-2009 Tues
There should be an Alumni Corner on the TSU homepage
where batch members can exchange messages. Kudos!
A message board is available.
type in
Tarlac State University
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