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Missing Facebook Posts for September 21 on the following year;   2012(4 years ago)  and 2009(7 years ago).

Posts on these mentioned days must be matrixed with the Timeline/Timelines UNFAVORABLE with my current Timeline.

CURRENT Timeline Threads for “ON THIS DAY” POSTS  September  21 are  the  years   2015, 2014,2013,2011  and 2010 ONLY !


George Palaganas

George Palaganas - Electrical Engineer with extensive computer/mathematics teaching and telemarketing experience, wants to return to teaching environment. Has wide experience in different computer platforms including IBM 9151 Mainframe, SPARC Workstations, desktops(PS4) and notebooks running on diff...


George Palaganas
George Palaganas
George Palaganas
George Palaganas
Develop your city, transport networks and industry. A game at a whole new scale!


The sleepy town of Cynthia, Kentucky with a population of about six thousand is
the center of their laboratory. Ten surgeons honed to do regular face-off operations on individuals and
a retinue of a thousand hardcore metallic framed robotic humans seem to be not enough to
successfully mount a campaign in occupying the highest seat of the land. Until somebody made a wake-up
call and gave their bluffs an approval! #BUMBYRUN #LatestCape #Inkitt #September #Year2016 #OtherInkittNOVELS #WhatAreYouDoingEatingBlackEelsForDinner #GOTSIZKMist #MeetingJimFastbender #TheEnchantedSwitchEngine

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George Palaganas
George Palaganas
George Palaganas
George Palaganas
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Sun, Sep 21, 2014

#Cindys #Circa1990s #AngelesCity #Year1990 This Cindy's store(near IMPERIAL Theater) along the road that traverses from the old NEPO Mart and stretches to the corners of Jesus St., Jocson St. and N.Gonzales Ave. near STAR Theater and the Public Market, became a SHOE Shop after Cindys vacated it. The SHOE Shop eventually became an APPLIANCE STORE.

George Palaganas I did not know there was an incorporation of Cindys as Cindys Corporation. I always thought the corporate name was Multiple Achievements Corporation . Anyway, this was the first issue of it ! But when I returned from Canada, there seems to be a merging between FEKIN Corporation(local suppliers of store equipments including CHEE-PUCK!) and Multiple Achievements Corporation, I just do not know what happened to this merging.
George Palaganas
George Palaganas It's funny, most movie theaters on this road strip decided to have a perpetual showing of "SA ITAAS KO AY LANGIT NA!" It's a respite for holding ANGELES City as a notorious city for ALL STAR CASTs movies! And for those who "miss" them, blame it on YOUTUBE!
George Palaganas
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Sat, Sep 21, 2013
Zestimate® Home Value: $77,558. The property at 1387 Terry Dr, Reynoldsburg, OH is a Residential Single Family property with 3 bedroom(s) and 2.0 bathroom(s), built in 1959 and is 1152 square feet.<br/><br/>Live bidding is…|By Zillow, Inc.
Wed, Sep 21, 2011 Capital One Bank Opens Today 21-September-2011 at Clarkton City. Play Cityville today!

Cool Dela Peña
George Palaganas
Rowena Lising Fuertes
Rowena Lising Fuertes hi george... si edgar gomez yun not edgar mendoza.... :)
George Palaganas
George Palaganas HI Rowena! Thanks for that corrections on Edgar Gomez... updated na siya... he's one of our classmates na hindi grumaduate sa high school kasabay ng batch 1986 kaya lang sinama ko na sa album..
Cherry Gutierrez
Cherry Gutierrez that was a surprise seeing most of you guys(in pics)after all these years!thanks for putting most of ittogether George
George Palaganas
George Palaganas you're welcome cherry... so it's been a long time.... you should be active in the preparations for our Pearl GRAND Reunion... after all, you have been on the original cast of The Bastards which will be remade for the occassion... your phone number in Virginia? In Washington, my voicemailbox is (206)350-2798 You may also send fax messages to the number.... keep in touch!
George Palaganas
Cherry Gutierrez
Cherry Gutierrez when is the reunion?
352-3286110 is my phone no.
Jed Casas Bojeador
Jed Casas Bojeador uwi ka nxt year. Olive plans to have reunion on July 16
George Palaganas
George Palaganas
George Palaganas Part 1 Letter from Audien and Chat between Erwin and George(Cool)
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replysrcs wrote on Jul 7
Hi Odic!

That's great! You will be home for the BER months. It's just a good
idea to return favor. after all, i got ten roses from you first, of
which I seldomly receive from "old time" friends. That's why I
decided to give you twelve on a home-made card but the real ones
will be "coming" soon. Promise! I just give it upon your return home
from UK, para mas mura. NGEK! Maybe everyone is getting used to a
fast paced lifestyle they tend to forget this "little" but important
flavors of life. Oy! Pasalubong ha?

George P.

peachy bj wrote:
how sweet of you naman. how r u na? im glad to hear from you again,
after how many years huh... thanks for the compliment, i really am
much sexier now...and irresistible..hahaha... i dont have boyfriend
right time for that.. hope to see you soon.. im going back
home this september..keep in touch!! take care and Godbless..

July 08,2006 Chat Between Erwin Martinez and George Palaganas Jul
7, '06 1:27 PM
for everyone

Conversation Between Erwin Martinez(martinez_erwin) and George
Palaganas(cool dela peña) at Yahoo! Messenger Chat on July 08,2006
Saturday 12:30am GMT

martinez_erwin: musta na?
cool dela peña: hi erwin kumusta?
cool dela peña: may phone ka
cool dela peña: i mean may cam ka?
martinez_erwin: ginagamit bata
martinez_erwin: di nakakabit mic at cam
cool dela peña: alam mo tinawagan ko si Marivi
cool dela peña: ayon may nakausap ako pero hindi ako certain kung
siya dahil nagbago ang boses pati actuations
martinez_erwin: palagi hinihila ng bunso kaya inaalis ko
cool dela peña: pero the good thing is may ensign siya sa ibinigay
niyang phone number
cool dela peña: ikabit mo para c2c tayo
martinez_erwin: diba mrs yasay pass away na
cool dela peña: kailan?
martinez_erwin: tagal na dyan pa ako pinas noon
cool dela peña: oy pakikuha ng death certificate at bago natin i-
release todits iscan natin
martinez_erwin: sinabi kapatid ko kasi work siya noon sa CLDH, pero
di ako nakapunta
cool dela peña: sa Moncada siya diba... ano raw ikinamatay?
martinez_erwin: di ko matandaan
martinez_erwin: o sa moncada
cool dela peña: ang lakas lakas pa niya ...
cool dela peña: ang alam ko lang na tinitake non histacort
martinez_erwin: di nyo nabalitaan yun
cool dela peña: natatandaan mo nung bday ng anak niyang si Allan,
nagpunta tayo sa kanila? sumama ka ba non?
martinez_erwin: ask mo marivi na verify o kaya kuha certificate
cool dela peña: ewan... baka nung nasa Canada ako... siguro
cool dela peña: o sige... subukan ko...
cool dela peña: magkano bang pagkuha ng death certificate sa civil
registrar ngayon... 100 siguro...
martinez_erwin: ask kapatid ko kung ano ikinamatay baka matandaan pa
pag tawag ako pinas pero di na work doon kapatid ko
martinez_erwin: nirerelease ba yun kahit sino kumuha?
cool dela peña: kailan mo pepetisyunin ang kapatid mo...
martinez_erwin: dapat yata relatives lang
martinez_erwin: di pa naman ako citizen saka me asawa na yun
martinez_erwin: yun bunso lang namn andoon saka parents namin
cool dela peña: basta reasonable... pwede... kasi pwede mong
sabihing pinakukuha at gagamitin sa ibang claims sa SSS ganon...
alam mo na... kanyakanyang dirty limerick na lang..
cool dela peña: ilang taon ba bago ka citizen diyan?
martinez_erwin: 5 yrs yatang immigrant
martinez_erwin: then apply ka'
martinez_erwin: last yr lang kami naging immigrant
cool dela peña: ngek... bakit hindi ka pumunta sa immigration at
kunin yung details... dahil puro odd jobs ang mapapasukan mo diyan
kung ganyan... baka pati Social Insurance Number wala ka pa
rin...SIN rin ba diyan gaya sa Canada? Yun kasi ang unang inabot sa
akin ng immigration officer sa Vancouver pagkatatak ng VISA ko sa
passport... tapos to be accomplished later
cool dela peña: SIN form
cool dela peña: tapos pinadala ko pa sa Manitoba, mabilis namang
dumating ang SIN card dahil less than a month..andiyan na...
martinez_erwin: visitor pass lang kami ng bata noong pumunta kami d2
kasi H1B lang mrs ko noon kaya apply kami for immigrant 3 yrs din
martinez_erwin: me SS number na rin ako
cool dela peña: sa Manitoba lang kasi lahat ng SIN processing sa
Canada sa ating mga Pinoy... ewan... pabagobago naman kasi ang
martinez_erwin: tagal process papers d2 kasi haba backlog sa
cool dela peña: mukha nga... dahil.. nung nag-aaply ako ng Visa
papunta diyan... hayun... after one year pa raw pwedeng pumasok sa
States... aayusin pa nila... alam mo na...
cool dela peña: alam mo kanina... doon sa karinderya sa may amin...
may nakita akong duplicate ni Joseph Manuel... pero bata pa... LOL
martinez_erwin: mahirap kumuha pass papunta d2 ... mabilis lang sa
amin kasi dependent ng working visa
martinez_erwin: baka anak sa labas lol
cool dela peña: hindi naman mahirap kung may supporting papers ka na
cool dela peña: basta may kailangan ka lang talaga...
cool dela peña: or kung kailangan ka lang nila...ibig kong sabihin..
martinez_erwin: sabagay depende rin sa consul na maginterview sa iyo
cool dela peña: ewan... baka... nedyo mataba atsaka makinis ang
martinez_erwin: natatandaan mo ba si leya melchor? nakaklase natin
ng 4th yr galing holy spirit
cool dela peña: anong latest na balita riyan... sinong nakalagay na
presidente sa mga newspapers nyo... nagbabasa ka pa ba... ako hindi
na dahil puro dito sa internet na ang mga kinakain kong news... LOL
martinez_erwin: wal atime magbasa
cool dela peña: tange...third year transferee siya... more than one
month na tayong may klase sa third year ng inaccept siya ng school...
cool dela peña: o sinong presidente nyo diyan... nandiyan ka ba nung
nagkaroon ng State of Emergency diyan? yun ang mga balita dito...
dati..hindi sabay ang internet namin sa mga print out... ngayon
sabay na ...kaya...kung gaano kahalohalo dati... mas halohalo
martinez_erwin: doon yata sa phil heart hospital work, si Almira
Rosete sa Anao municipal hall work dati
cool dela peña: nasabi nga ni Jabel yung tungkol kay Leya Melchor sa
Phil Heart Center... nagkalibrehan sila ... on one of her
routed "memo" correspondences...
martinez_erwin: Si Mirla Tolentino andoon sa may amin sa Nampicuan
Nagtayo sila bakery noon
cool dela peña: basahin mo sa multiply heto click mo mamaya...
George Palaganas
George Palaganas Part 2 Letter from Audien and Chat between Erwin and George(Cool)
martinez_erwin: di ko pa nababasa yun kay jabel
cool dela peña: That's good... akala ko pa naman si Mirla yung AI na

nasa Koepel Bank dito sa amin sa Cubao,... sa AI kasi nagpautang ng
malaki ata... pero heto hindi ako nasalo ng mga initsa... LOL...
maybe another Mirla...
martinez_erwin: ewan ko lang tagal naman na di ko nakita baka siya
na yun
martinez_erwin: si Maria Fe nasa Nueva Viscaya na noon, isinaman ng
husband niya
cool dela peña: Last time na nakausap ko kasi si Almira sa bus...
ewan kung ano ng bus at kung pauwi ba sa North o papuntang Manila...
nasa Cora Doloroso siya noon dito sa Cubao... at saka nagtatayo ng
mga tiangge-tiangge... eh yung term na yon passe' na dito.. ang
tawag sa mga ganon ukay-ukay at saka yung Cora Doloroso Office dati
sa may MeDalla... matagal ng wala... billiard hall na siya...
cool dela peña: o talaga... kumusta mo ako kay maria fe kung may
contact ka sa kanya ha... ang ingay pa naman ng AI ni Maria Fe
ngayon... naiiwan.... eh siyempre.. yung kaklase natin... matagal ng
iba ang boses siguro... kagaya ko...
martinez_erwin: me nagtayo yata ng private school sa kanila sa Anao
tapos teacher na yata ngayon
cool dela peña: i see... so iba talaga yung sa Koeppel dating Monte
de Piedad...
martinez_erwin: wala na ako contact sa kanila nabalitaan ko lang
noon bago ako pumunta d2... kasi dati palagi ko nakikita si Maria Fe
sa market
cool dela peña: alam mo nadaan na ako diyan sa Nueva Viscaya... puro
bundok at ang tag-tag ng daan puro bato.... nung pumunta ako ng
Isabela at Cagayan... School of St. Joseph de Apostle sa Cabagan...
ewan... kung nagrevive sila sa school... magulo kasi don... maraming
NPA at saka madaming kuweba sa Callao... hanggang third chamber lang
yung napasok namin ng mga istudyante ko nong mid 90's
cool dela peña: sabi ko kasi sa mga student ko don kung saan
magandang mamasyal don... tapos yon we went to Callao caves ...ang
daming paniki...!
martinez_erwin: naging instructor ka pala ? saan ?
cool dela peña: seven years akong nagturo sa ibat-ibang schools
around the country... tapos kung makakapagtayo ako ng school ko...
yun na lang siguro... pero mas gusto kong sa Canada na lang magplano
hanggang retirement... gusto ko kasing yung mga bata..doon lumaki...
martinez_erwin: sabagay mas maganda sa labas ng pinas palakihin bata
kaya lang iba na ugali ng bata
cool dela peña: heto ang mga schools na napgturuuan ko one way or
the other ha... Camiling Colleges sa Tarlac, Letran sa calamba,
sto.nino academy at st.pergerine catholic school sa Cavite, St
Theresa's Academy sa Bauan, Batangas,holy family sa Angeles City ...
School of St. Joseph de apostle sa Isabela... St. paul College sa
Cagayan.. Integrated Computer School foundation sa angeles city...
at marami pang side-school teaching spree na one-week lang... two
weeks... ganoon...
martinez_erwin: halos na tour mo na pala luzon sa pagtuturo
martinez_erwin: cool dela peña: nasabi nga ni Jabel yung tungkol kay
Leya Melchor sa Phil Heart Center... nagkalibrehan sila ... on one
of her routed "memo" correspondences...
martinez_erwin: Si Mirla Tolentino andoon sa may amin sa Nampicuan
Nagtayo sila bakery noon
cool dela peña: basahin mo sa multiply heto click mo mamaya... di ko makita messages sa link na ito
cool dela peña: alam mo muntik pa akong nakarating ng general Santos
City sa Mindanao... dahil nung bumalik ako galing ng canada..doon
ako inaasign ng company naming may mga tie-up na more than two
hundred schools around the country... we supply the computers.. the
instructors... and other paraphernalias... ganoon...on contract...
tapos sagot ng company ang transpo... borad and lodging... at
siempre yung sweldo..
martinez_erwin: maganda pala benefits bakit di ka pumunta
cool dela peña: buksan mo na lang some other time... ako nga aniinis
dahil pagbinubuksan ngayon... hay..naku.. it's like it will take
forever... kakainis talaga..
martinez_erwin: bagal nga dating messages mo dial up yata
connection mo
cool dela peña: next time mo na alang buksan..mataas siguro ang
internet traffic sa cite... o baka maraming scripts na nakaattached
sa homepage..
martinez_erwin: bilis kasi connection ko d2 upload ko 1.6 mbps
then 10-15 mbps download
cool dela peña: okay lang... ang finances namin kasi non bago mag-
start ang 2000 sa computer company(m/set) nag-falter... ewan...
hanggang sa marami sa amin gusto ..tambay muna sa bahay... baka
ngayon maayos na ang mga finances namin... may one-and a half month
kasi akong salary na hindi naibigay non... alangan namnag pumasok
kaming walang pamasahe at saka pangkuskus ng mga kalyo..di ba?
martinez_erwin: hirap nga magpaluwwal muna
cool dela peña: ewan... kasi baka hindi na ako magfit sa description
ng computer company namin sa mga nagtratrabaho na young, aggressive
dynamic professionals... puro peleges na ang mukha ko... matanda na
martinez_erwin: pang GRO na yata description yun
cool dela peña: hahaha... oo nga... ngayon mga GRO's ang mga kasama
ko pag-happy hour...
martinez_erwin: sarap pala buhay dami kasama GRo lol
cool dela peña: LOL
martinez_erwin: sige pakainin ko muna mga bata
cool dela peña: ikaw.. musta happenings mo diyan.. panay ang
barbeque mo sa park no... tapos drive around town daily... sarap
talaga ng buhay diyan sa North America
cool dela peña: o sige usap uli tayo ha...
cool dela peña: bye bye muna...
martinez_erwin: mas masarap nuhay dyan sa pinas pag me pera
martinez_erwin: ok bye
martinez_erwin: kaya umuwi sina rodolfo at rowena kasi mas masarap
buhay dyan
cool dela peña: ewan... mas maganda talaga ang dating ng environment
diyan sa North America... ibang-iba ang feeling
cool dela peña: ok bye
George Palaganas
George Palaganas Tags: erwin martinez, george palaganas
Prev: The MAIL ROOM Saint Rose Catholic School Paniqui, Tarlac High
School Class of 1986

The MAIL ROOM Saint Rose Catholic School Paniqui, Tarlac High
School Class of 1986 Jun 17, '06 2:11 PM
for everyone

NOTE: Please avoid declaring people as DEAD on this venue unless you
can produce(scan and upload) a clear death certificate. All
informations appearing on this page is unofficial unless properly
verified and authenticated(up-close and on phone). So you may read
at your own risk.Thank you!

The Mail Room Administrator
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

hello joseph,

can u do me a big favor? pls forward this message to all the
recipients of your letter.. para mabasa nila... nga pala here's my
contact numbers and address;
Roderick Cambe (walang nabago ha, hihihi)
4 Lumley Street
Sunderland, Tyne and Wear
SR4 7DZ England, U.K.
moblie number : +447727714937 (00447717724937)
roaming smart number : +639192564513, pls include your name when u
text me, ok.. thanks
ym id : odie_91269 pls feel free to add tayo..
e-mail add: odie_91269@... or queen_peachy2001@...

i am really looking forward to hear from you soon!!! don't disregard
this or else, hahaha....regards to everybody... miss u all!!! take
care always and Godbless.. otep, thanks for your help, really

Ano nang balita sayo. Mrs. Cerilla ka na pala? Its been awhile huh?
2 decades na ... Imagine 1986 tayo nag graduate and after 20yrs here
we are may mga asawa't anak na. If I remember were trying to contact
you nun nagkasabay kami ni Olive sa Phils. and even Ruel Hilario
kaya lang busy kayo. so were ending up seeing Chona, Marie, Carlito
and wife, Rommel, Danton, Edgar, Carlota and Nervin. Umuuwi ka pa
ba sa Paniqui? I usually go back every 2yrs. but most of the time
nasa manila ako. Uuwi ako sa Paniqui for couple of days lang. Si
Odick (Ms. Odie) nagkikita ba kayo pag umuuwi sya. Send me naman
email or cell no. nang batch natin. also dont forget to send me a
Busy at work ba? You look different also. iba na ang buma-bata. Your
related to Brando Palaganas right? I saw him once...nag attend ako
nang Paniquian's in San Francisco na meet ko sya dun. cguro 1995 pa
yun. Im trying to compile everything and create a blog. stay tuned.

Thanks for the call I did tried to call back but busy lagi. You know
how the phone cards works here (its suck....hahaha)t? but anyway
nice to hear your voice again. Just like Marlette.... kailangan
magka baby kaagad. Ninong and Ninang kami.

Musta ang bagong Mommy....Asan na pictures mo I will call you soon.

Musta na pre.... I remember telling me that you left your job at
Intel. Nasa east ka na pala ngayon give me your number para
magtawagan tayo. Sarap pa din buhay sa Pilipinas kahit papano.

Willy boy
Ano balita sayo... lagi ka bang umuuwi... may anak ka na din pala.
We might go there next year.

Olive, Marivi, Janet, Odie, Neil, Remegio,
Mag reply naman kayo and tell us how you've been after 20yrs.


Regards....Joseph Torres

Bru kumusta kana? Ung piks natin baka gusto you na ipakita.
Sorry I wasnt able to answer your txt coz my cp is with my
nephew in law. You can contact me on my other cp# but
i'll give it to you next time hindi ko kasi memorize ang number
and i forgot to bring it with me today.

George Palaganas
George Palaganas Marilyn,

Kumusta na ang pagiging mom mo? It's been a long time

we didnt say hi. Any tsika?Give my hug to your heredero
and Hi to sweetie.

Wala na me matsika syo kasi email naman tau e.
Just give my hugs to your girls esp to my inaanak.
Say Hi to jun also.

Willy Boy,

Hi mr playboy. I heard that you will pay a visit here in the
Paramdam ka naman when you get home. Tagal na natin di nagkita.
Say hi to mommy, marie and to your 2 bros. and of course kay dad.


Where have you been? I didnt receive any email from you. Di mo na
tuloy me naupdate
sa bb girl mo.I heard You have plan to have a vaccation this
month.Extend my hugs to your kids
and Hi to your wife.


It's nice to know that your already married. Bilisan mo na sa
paggawa ng baby
Remember nasa depreciating value na tau huhuhu.How are you?I didnt
hear from you na.


Are you still in intel Phils?How are you na?


Hi, I read your email to george(oppsss sorry nakialam ako.)Ikaw ha
you still didnt forget jasmin.
I still remember her kasi classmate natin sya ng elementary.
I got your email add kay george. How are you na?


Joseph's idea of creating a website for our batch is great. Can you
make one for us so that kahit
pano e my communication pa rin taung lahat.Lets accept the fact that
we are all busy and kahit
man lang sa email updated pa rin tau.

Here's my other email add:smarlette_cerilla2001@...
eto gamit ko pagnagchat ako.

Hope to from all of you.

Now signing off and back to work.

Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2006 09:15:48 -0700
From: "marlette cerilla" Add to Address
Book Add Mobile Alert
To: manilascooltalk@... palaganas
Subject: Re: Marlette Lopez?

Hi George,

Yes it's me marlette but now Cerilla is my surname. Its nice to hear
from you after a decade hahaha.
I have one son and he's already in preparatory. How about you?What
keeps you busy?
Are you staying here in the philippines?If you like, we can chat on
sat and sun.Here's my other email add(smarlette_cerilla2001).
Hope to hear fromyou again.


To: "cool dela peña" a.k.a. george
Kumusta na George?
Siguro di lang kita narecognize, kasi naman nagiba na
mga hitsura natin. Kailan ba yun?
Wala na ako sa intel since lumipat yung manufacturing
sa Cavite(Last quarter of 2002). Isa ako sa mga
nagresign noon kasi ayaw ko pumunta sa cavite masyado
malayo na yun and at the same time process ko mga
papers for immigration. D2 na ako with my family sa
Stamford, Connecticut. maybe move to new jersey this
coming october.. umalis ako pinas dec 2002 di pa rin
kami bumabalik dyan, nakakamiss na.
Sa intel ka na rin pala work ano dept ka dyan?

Erwin Martinez
--- cool dela peña a.k.a. george
palaganas wrote:
June 08,2006 Thursday

hello to Erwin Martinez, I saw you at Intel Makati
one time but I was with your HRD and we are
accompanied to the new Intel Training Compound. No
pansin ka ha?
hello to Marlette and the rest of our Saint Rose
schoolmates and classmates.
George Palaganas
Hello Joseph!

Attached herewith is a picture with my husband during a family visit
and trip to London last Easter 2006...And about the checklist of
friends and classmates we had before, i could answer some of your
querries....kaya i have copied the list and paste it, bilib nga ako
sa iyo ang galing ng memory mo and halos you know everybody...

Maria Fe Tolentino, what i know is that she is in Anao and in a

Carmela Maglalang, (married na ba sya?) yes, but not with Edwin
Llave, what i know she works at SM West before and di ko na alam
kung dun pa rin siya connected.

Marie Galatierra, (I saw her once naging GF ko nung nagcollege tayo)
got no news abt her

Marlette Socorro, ( married na ba?) yes, she's already married, here
is her e-addy-smarlette_cerilla2001@..., she is now Mrs.

Edwin Llave, (nasaan sya?) what i know is that nag-abroad siya and
don't know which part of the States

Wena and Rodolfo, ( I use to see them here but I think they moved
back in Phils), i didn't know they move back sa PI, coz when i took
my vacation diyan sa States 2 years ago, andiriyan pa sila. Probably
they put up there own business sa atin.

Edgardo Gomez, ( I know he is in Paniqui) don't know his

Regino Grospe, (last time I heard in Hawaii) i think his still in

Janet Sonza, (Seattle), yah i've heard she is in Seattle but i got
no contact of her

Janice Cabigting, (isn't she is the GF of Danton S.), she is not the
GF of Danton, kasi ang naging GF ni Danton is a student transferee
with a family name of Ms. Cruz. About Janice, she took Nursing sa
Mary Chiles College sa Sampaloc, Manila and i used to see her
together with Leah Pascual.

Leah Pascual, di ko lam if you still remember her, siya yong
magaling kumanta at mag-guitara and she is from Gerona. She has an
older brother and a sister who were seniors and also another younger
sister, they all graduated at SRCS.

Danton Sierra, got no idea of where he is now, pero ang alam ko dun
pa rin siya sa Paniqui

Aurora Bernardo, (tumaba na kaya sya) ang alam ko married na siya
and for sure tumaba na siya and what I remember she also finished
Nursing and nandiyan na rin sa States.

Olive Mara, (saw her once), yah, i've met her once or twice before i
left for Iceland, and we used to have contact noon pa through
emails, though medyo natigil lately. She has a lovely daughter
(Unica Hija) i dont remember her name, for sure dalaga na ngayon.
Heto si Olive, tuwing uuwi iyan she makes sure na may kontak at ma-
meet niya mga former friends and classmates niya. I think she used
to go home every two years or yearly yata. Wala na yatang balak mag-
asawa, mukhang enjoy na siyang mag-isa, though what i know before
she has a boyfriend, i don't know now. Di ba kayo na-link before??
Ooopppps....hope you don't mind if i ask, total that was during our
adolescents time.

Marivi Desederio, she is now Mrs. Enriquez, i think she already had
two daughters di ko lang alam kung may additional pa. I used to met
her before sa Tandang Sora, kasi she used to teach before dun sa
school na pinag-aaralan ng cousin ko and now nandiyan na rin siya sa
States, petitioned siya ng husband together with her daughters.

Neil Aquino, (I heard he is in middle east), yap you're right nasa
UAE siya with his family, he had 2 boys and one pretty little girl
(mana sa kagandahan ng wife ni Neil, mestisa, buti na lang di nagman
kay Neil sa pagiging kayumangi....hehehe). Bale kakabakasyun lang
nilang magpapamilya last March o April, kasi Golden Anniversary daw
ng parents nila, kaya they all went home together with his older
brother Ariel, i don't know if you remember him siya yong adjutant
sa CAT ng batch 1984 and meron pang isang kuya si Neil, batch 1985
naman his name is Medwin.
George Palaganas
George Palaganas Remegio Soriano, (saw him once) what i've heard Manager na daw siya
ngayon sa isang branch ng PCIBank sa Subic. Married na rin siya and
had a twin (sons), before i left abroad he has three sons that time,

baka ngayon may girl na rin siya.
Audien Gines, that's me formerly Ms. GINES and now I am happily
married for more than a year now. My husbands family name is MANALO,
he is from Subic and was assigned and work at a US Base Supply
Department located in Diego Garcia (British Indian Ocean

Ernesto Marquez, napagpapalit ko yong feature ng mukha niyo ni
Ernesto kasi as i remember singkit din kasi siya.

Francisco, i can't remember his family pero naalaala ko payatut na
matangkad siya di ba? Taga Nampicuan ba siya?

Froilan Visaya, ( Germany) heto rin si Froilan alam ko
magkakabarkada itong mga ito, sila nila Danton at Francisco. Wala
akong balita sa kanya, how did you know nasa Germany siya? Do you
have contact with him? Let me know....

Rommel De Vera, (Paniqui) pagkakaalam ko nga nasa Paniqui siya and
di ko sure kung married na siya and kung saan siya nag-wowork.

Leah Estaris, ( may asawa na kaya sya), oo ang alam ko may asawa na
siya, why you ask? Di ba naging sila ni Remegio S. noon?

Nolan Atencio., got no idea about Nolan and di ko na rin maalaala
features niya, di ba matangkad din siya gaya nila Francisco at

Almira Rosete, may kumare inaanak ko yong panganay niya and for sure
dalaga na rin yun ngayon. Bilib nga ako sa friend at kumare kung ito
kasi anlakas ng loob, kahit may sakit sa puso pinilit pa rin niyang
manganak ng normal sa eldest niya. Taga Anao napangasawa niya and di
ko na matandaan yong family name. Am hoping makapasyal ako niyan sa
kanila, kasi it's been a long time wala na akong communication sa
kanya. Kami kasi niyan nila Cynthia Tuanquin ang magkakasama noon,
so with Carmela Maglalang too...hayyyy those were the days!
Carlota L. ( saw her once)

Jabie Mercado., i don't know if married na siya ngayon, graduate
siya ng Engineering, di ba our CAT teacher used to call him TASYO!
Then, naging sila ni Chona during our high school days kaso di sila

Ruel Hilario, di ba naging sila ni Carlota kaso di rin sila
nagkatuluyan, nakabuntis daw kasi si Ruel, so yun ang nakatuluyan
niya pero good friends naman yata sila ni Carlota.

Carlota Locquiao, nagkasama at nagkakuwentuhan kami ni Carol during
the time na umuwi si Olive way back 1999. Doon kami nag-gather sa
bahay nila sa Paniqui together with Grace Jonatas, Chona, Odick, i
think Carlito was also there with his wife na ka-batch mate din
natin pero sa ibang section siya, i can't remember her name then
also younger brother ni Willy Boy. We used to call her Carol kami
nila Shelly Ancheta kasi ang magkakaklase during our elementary
days. She is now married with two kids, ang napangasawa niya is a
seaman, dating kasamahan ng brother niya sa barko, ang balita ko she
is staying in our hometown at Ramos and ang ganda daw ng bahay.

Grace Jonatas, you didn't mention her in your list but i don't know
if you remember her, she is also from Ramos. Lagi niyang kasama sila
Marlette, Olive, Carol, Marivi at Chona. She is also a Nurse and is
now Mrs. Fuentes, australiano ang naging hubby niya. Kakabalik niya
sa Australia, i think last March 2006 she stayed sa PI for a year or

Roderick Cambe, ( he used to call me b4) Ms. Odie,
graduate siya ng Nursing sa Perpetual College tapos "He" este "She"
pala works sa Trinity Hospital sa Q.C. Would you know kung asan na
siya ngayon? Kasi ang pagkakaalam ko he went to work sa Singapore
before tapos she works sa Trinity then after that nag-abroad yata
siya ulit and di ko na alam kung asan na siya ngayon. Natuluyan na
ang lola mo, minsan nga nakasalubong ko pa yan before on my way sa
Phil. Heart Center during my OJT, kasama niya mga friends or
classmates niya sa College.

Carlito Manangquil, i met him during a gathering at Olive's place
tapos sa puwesto niya sa Paniqui. He has a business now, tingnan mo
nga naman noon loloko-loko yan, pero ngayon talagang masasabi mong a
responsible father and husband na siya. Napangasawa niya ka-batch
din natin and taga-Paniqui din.

Shelly Ancheta, ( talked to her 10yrs ago when she is a US
military), i think she is a fullfilled Military Officer now sa US
Army. She is now Mrs. Forrest, i send her a note through her e-mail
addy kaso di naman siya nag-reply sa akin. Ang alam ko she used to
teach at a Military School and a well ranked officer.

Roderick Mendoza, nakasabay ko siya minsan sa bus from Manila pauwi
din siya sa Ramos together with his son, siguro six years ago na yun

Joseph Manuel, ito ang kaklase nating di sinuwerteng humaba ang
buhay, halos magkasunod silang namatay ng younger brother niya
parehas aksidente. Ika nga nila IF YOU DRINK DON'T DRIVE, TOO MUCH

Willie Boy Santiago, he is now in Sweden, i don't if he already got
married, takot yatang mag-pasakal eh este magpakasal. But i think he
has a son from his common law wife, pero nasa PI for sure binata na

Nervin Pagco ang alam ko noon naging GF niya one of the Marcos
sisters, yong nasa batch 1987, i don't know if u remember? I think
Nervin took up Engineering di ko lang alam kung Civil o Mechanical.

Marvin Cardinio, ( I really forget his name but I know we call him
shokoy he used to live in Magallanes), is it Marvin Cardinio you
were talking about? The whole family move to Nueva Ecija and i think
they all move there for good. My father and his dad were good
buddies/magkumpare (they were in the same Department at the Bureau
of Agricultural Statistics). After my father died 10 years ago we
lost contact with them.

Chona Peralta,(saw her once) she is a PE teacher, pero am not sure
now kasi from Manila lumipat siya sa Tarlac and before she was
handling grade school students. Most likely promoted na siya ngayon
as a Master Teacher, she has a son and di ko alam kung nag-re-unite
sila ulit ng husband niya.

Mirriam Lavitoria, sad to say wala akong balita about her

Gina Liwanag, di ba naging sila ni Ernesto Marquez before?

Erwin Martinez, i lost contact with him, the last time we talk is
that about 4 years ago, and he was telling me he is about to resign
from his work kasi nga malilipat daw yong office nila somewhere in
Cavite or Laguna. He told me before he has a daughter which is
staying with his in-laws i think, and his wife is in the States
working as a Nurse. I used to forward e-mails to him kaso di naman
na siya nag-rereply sa mga forwarded messages ko. Baka busy.....o di
kaya nandiyan na rin siya sa States.

You've mentioned of these people too, and yes they used to go to
SRCS also but move either Holy or Bosco

Ronji Daquigan, i know Ronji he used to teased me before, talagang
asar talo ako sa kanya. Nag-transfer yata siya sa Catholic School sa

Leslie Ann Pineda, as i remember Leslie Ann graduated with us at
SRCS '86
The following names below di ko sila matandaan:

Raquel Recto
Ms. Wong
Danilo Quizon
Jerry Lamorena

Am hoping you did'nt get bored sa e-mail ko, napahaba ng
husto....hehehehe! Until next time and sana nga dumating yong time
na magkakitahan tayong muli. Your planning to go home next around
March 2007, kaso di na tayo magpapang-abot kasi uuwi kami ng hubby
ko before the end of this year 2006 for a vacation for a month or
two. Will go back here in Iceland ng first week of February. Allowed
lang kasi kami parehas ng at least 24 days (vacation) tapos i-
aadvance na lang naming gamitin yong vacation namin for next year
2007 para mahaba-haba ng konte. God bless and more power, regards to
your family!

Just meeh!
Audien Gines Manalo

George Palaganas
George Palaganas My goodness!!! You don't look like the Joseph I used to know. I
would not have recognized you if I go to California and bump with
you on the street because you look so much different. Me? I don't

think I've changed that much....though we're all getting older.

Where in California are you residing? Kasi I have a few relatives
there too, kaya nga lang di pa namin nabibisita. Buti ka pa, you
can do your work at home.....that's very convenient...I wish I could
do that too although I know that it's very impossible for me to work
at home. I'm working in a Pharmaceutical Company and the company's
name is "APOTEX". We do have some distribution offices in US as
well and they're located at Florida and Indianapolis.

I got married here in Canada two years ago. We did not bother going
back home because my husband's family are all here and so as mine
except my other sister who's now married with three kids back home.
We tried to invite them so they could join us but the Canadian
Embassy denied their application.

I've noticed that you've already know my personal e-mail's my contact #'s Work: 416-749-9026 ext. 8725, Cell:

Here some additional e-mail adds for you:

Marlette - marlette@... or smarlette_cerilla2001@...
Marivi - mavienriquez@...
Neil - naquino@...
Remegio - subic@...

Until next time and regards to your family.

Marilyn Grande

Philippine Independence Day June 12, 2006 12:47am GMT Monday

Hi Joseph!

I can't believe my eyes. You look so much different since you left
SRCS. I can see that on the twig you have just sent but were not
getting any younger alright. Naks! Mamang mama ka na rin...Why don't
you give me your phone number and regular mailing address so we can
exchange regular mails. I have an aunt in San Francisco(Richmond)
and who knows I can visit your place if I go to the states in the
future. I was heading for the states in 1997 but my visa Canada
almost expired before I can get a US Visa.I never reached the
states. It was a stiff policy when the US Embassy in the Canadian
East Coast(all applications for VISA are entertained in the East
Coast only) required me to stay in Canada for at least a year before
they grant me a US Visa. And my doctor aunt in Oregon was yearning
to get me to the states. Then CHAOS set in so I am back in the
Phils. But I'll return in British Columbia(West Coast) ,with my kids
and wife, as immigrants sometime in the future.

Reynante Sysing applied for entrance at the Mother of Good Counsel
Seminary in San Fernando Pampanga with me, on the day of our retreat
before graduation day(the one we missed out) but he did not make it
on that exam. Nevertheless, Willie Boy gave me a briefing on what
took place on our retreat so it's like I have attended it myself.
When Sister Felisa Magayaga,O.P. suggested for Reynante to try
Immaculate Concepcion Seminary in Bulacan ,where they have a
more "lenient" entrance test, he backed-out. I have no news from him
since. I find very little time to go to their house everytime I go
to Paniqui. But I guess his sister and parents can still remember me
if they see me again. And after a semester in the seminary formation
center I transferred to Tarlac College of Technology as a freshman
engineering student. Well, maybe I was never meant for the

Okay so it's some kind of late and I'm already sleepy. Until next

It's me,
George C. Palaganas
See what WWW can do for us? Why not sending some pictures to George..
(hope u don't mind if not let me know I can help... Thanks) and for
sure he can create one web-site for us.( right George) ako na ang
mauuna sa inyo.. attached is taken last year with my kids.. my son
Joseph, Jessica and my little one is Janina....

Audien.... ilan years ka na dyan sa Ice Land buti ka pa kahit papano
may contact ka sa mga classmate natin... ako wala.. good thing I
surf the net and...BINGO.... I found Mr. George Palaganas and
Marilyn Grande... Ms. Odie (Roderick Cambe) used to call me before
but I guess naging busy din sya... kaya wala na din communication. I
used to see Rodolfo and Wena but since they moved back sa Phils?
wala na akong alam. I went back last August 2005 I tried to call
them up kaya lang kulang ako sa oras I only stayed there for 1wk.
kaya di na kami nagkita. but really I hoping one day magkita-kita
tayong lahat.

George.... Saan nga pala work mo if you dont mind manila
ka na ba naka base or umuuwi ka pa sa Paniqui? Si Renante Sysing di
ba nang semenaryo din. I do remember nun alter boys tayo.. are you? Umuwi ka pala bakit hindi ka nag invite????
Meron ka ba copy nun SRCS reunion remember nun nag-attend tayo then
napagalitan pa tayo ni Mrs. Estaris...hahahahahaha...Send me naman
those copy... Thanks in advance...

Dont forget to send pictures to George

Regards to everyone...
Joseph Torres

Hi Audien!

Now I know your on Iceland. Can you give me your regular mailing
address, telephone number and if you have photos on the internet for
some posterity reasons. Alam mo na, it's been a long time since we
last saw each other. Ang taba mo na siguro? Like Olive and Wilie.
Here, i-click mo

heto pa

Okay so until then and have a nice day!

It's me,
George Palaganas
George Palaganas
George Palaganas *********************************************************************
Hello George!

Parehas pala tayo I dont speak Swedish either though medyo my mga
similar words na halos parehas sila nang meaning sa Icelandic
language. So, how are you this days? I used to see ur e-mail addy
everytime Willy sends me messages. Yun nga lang di ko kasi alam na
ikaw yan. Are you working with the same company that Erwin is
working now? Its really nice and great to hear from our old friends
and classmates way back highschool days, parang kailan lang noh and
probably most of us have there own family and kids.

Extend my greetings and best regards to all our classmates and
colleagues back home, just in case lang you happen to see and meet
them. I remember pala one time when I took my vacation way back
2003, na meet ko si Adelia (formerly Ms. Casas) along Paseo de Roxas
sa Makati. Nakapagkuwentuhan kami saglit and she told me that she's
married na with two lovely kids and she's working as a sales rep in
one of the prestigious drug company diyan sa atin, ewan ko lang now.
Then, do you know Reynante Sysing? Dati nong nandiyan pa ako sa
atin, may contact din ako sa kanya kasi I used to work in the Makati
area before and he works at the Smart Company that time. The last
thing that I've heard from him is that his married and have two kids
na. What about you? Huwag mong sasabihing your still single better hurry up! Until next time and God Bless!

Best Regards,

Audien Gines Manalo
Hello again ....i just came home from work and its past 12 midnight
na dito, since di pa me makatulog i find time to check my mails.
Well, am happy to hear that your happily married too, with three
kids....????? Hehehe joke lang po, nabasa ko kasi yong mail ni
Joseph sa iyo that you have forwarded to us. For sure very talented
ang mga anak mo, just like their Father....o di ba! Ooppps before i
forget HAPPY FATHERS DAY, my husband kasi receive a text message
from his friends greeting him a Happy Fathers Day. Diyan kasi sa
atin we used to make this days very special and nasa Calendar year
kasi, but here in Europe di masyadong napatutuunan ng pansin, though
siyempre we celebrate Christmas and New Year though ibang-iba pa rin
yong gawi natin, ika nga nila there is NO PLACE LIKE HOME ! Just
like other filipinoes nakakamissed pa rin talaga diyan sa atin, kaya
most likely before the end of this year me and my husband will take
our vacation. Yah, you're right I am now Mrs. Manalo, we just got
married a year ago and so far wala pa kaming heredero at heredera
pero hopefully coming soon in God's perfect time!

About Marvin Cardinio, i have no news about him and his family.
After my dad died way back January 1999 wala na akong naging kontak
sa kanila, kasi my dad and Marvins dad are really good buddies (mag-
kumpare baga). What all i know is that they move to Nueva Ecija and
they stayed their for good, don´t you worry if i will heard
something about him i will let you know.
So, what's keeping you busy this days, it seems like you are having
a good business and in what field? Is it in computer thing, tell me
more about it kasi so far wala na akong idea of what happened to you
and to some of our former classmates back in highschool. Except of
course with Olive, Neil Aquino, Remegio, Marilyn Grande, Carlota
Locquiao, Will Boy Santiago (wherein were both in neigboring
countries, he is in Sweden and me in Iceland). Then when i went to
the states for a visit, i was able to get in touch with Marivic
Desiderio (though over the phone lang kami nag-kausap) then she told
me that Rowena Lising was married to Rodolfo Fuertes and their both
in the States too and also Joseph Torres. Just like what Joseph
said, it will be a good idea if we could reach out to our former
friends and classmates via the Internet and have a grand reunion for
batch 1986 .

I got much more to say pa sana kaso time is running, it's almost 1'o
clock dawn and i got work early tommorow for a morning shift. Till
next regards to you and to your family .

Your old classmate 1986,

Audien Gines Manalo

George Palaganas
George Palaganas Marilyn Grande 6/9/06

Joseph Torres 6/9/06 (it started here)
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2006 11:58:17 -0700 (PDT)
From: "otep doe" Add to Address Book Add
Mobile Alert
Subject: SRCS Batch86
To: manilascooltalk@..., mgrande@...

Finally I found two of my classmate... How are you guys doing.. Im
not too sure If you guys remember me but to refresh your mind....
its me Joseph Torres with a chinito eyes. Sometimes they called
me "OTEP" or " SAP-SAP". Im one of the payatot's in SRCS but mataba
ako nang konti kay Francisco.(forgot his last name) and Yes isa ako
sa maliit sa batch natin.
Same thing with you guys... Im looking for my lost classmate (SRCS
Batch86) and I've no information on where they are right now. Im
really glad I've found the two of you. Imagine for 2 decades? and I
only found 2....... where are they?
Maria Fe Tolintino
Carmela Maglalang ( married na ba sya)
Marie Galatierra (I saw her once naging GF ko nun nagcollege tayo)
Marlette Socorro ( married na ba)
Edwin Llave (nasaan sya)
Wena and Rodolfo Fuertes ( I use to see them here but I think they
moved back in Phils)
Edgardo Gomez ( I know he is in Paniqui)
Regino Grospe (last time I heard in Hawaii)
Janet Sonza (Seattle)
Janice (isn't she is the GF of Danton S.)
Aurora Bernardo (tumaba na kaya sya)
Olive Mara (saw her once)
Marivi Desiderio
Neil Aquino(I heard he is in middle east)
Remegio Soriano (saw him once)
Regie Batenga
Audien Gines
Ernesto Marquez
Froilan Visaya ( Germany)
Al Tecson (Canada)
Rommel De Vera (Paniqui)
Leah Estaris ( may asawa na kaya sya)
Nolan Atencio (Di ba nilagawan ni Odie si Nolan) joke lang po
Almira Rosete
Carlota Locquiao ( saw her once)
Jabie Mercado
Roel Hilario
Roderick Cambe ( he used to call me b4)
Danton Siera
Carlito Manangquil
Shelly Ancheta ( talked to her 10yrs ago when she is a US military)
Roderick Mendoza
Joseph Manuel
Willie Santiago
Leah Pascual
Nervin Pagco
Marvin Cardino
Chona P. (saw her once)
Mirriam Lavitoria
Gina Liwanag
Erwin Martinez (he emailed me 9yrs ago from Intel Manila)
Adelia Casas

Dont know if you know these people they used to go to SRCS also but
move either Holy or Bosco
Ronji Daquigan
Raquel Recto
Ms. Wong
Danilo Quizon
Jerry Lamorena
Leslie Ann Pineda

I did see some of our batchmate 4yrs ago. Naginuman nang konti.
nandun sila Chona, Rommel, Carlito, Marie, Olive. but I really wish
I can see yah all.

Marilyn..... When is the last time you went back sa Phils? Are you
married? Well I guess its obvious iba na last name mo. Ilan na kids

George the validictorian guy..... Wow you got 3 kids nah.. sipag
natin.... Why migrate here if your already establish there (masarap
pa din kasi buhay sa Phils) hey since your good in computers why
dont you create a web-site about our batch. You never know we can
find them for sure naman cguro they have access sa net. Lets look
for them and establish a good communication and set up a class
reunion. I mean just Batch86 only. I once attend the SRCS reunion
but they rather had the fund raising thing instead of having a good
time and chat with your fellow SRSC'ian. oh well I cannot blame

Oh yeah about me? Im here in California got 3 kids also. I've been
living here for almost 16yrs na din. (Yap 16yrs na akong
naghihirap) I go back sa Phils. every 2yrs but I usually stay sa
Manila. My next plan is on March 2007 I need to feel the heat in
Phils. but this time I promise I will stay in Paniqui to look for my
old friends and Batchmate like you guys....

Regards na lang sa mga Family ninyo...God Bless

Joseph Torres
George Palaganas
George Palaganas George Palaganas a.k.a Coll Dela Pena 6/10/06
Hi Joseph!
...See More
George Palaganas
George Palaganas
George Palaganas
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God Bless!
Resty Villanueva Jr.
Resty Villanueva Jr. more power to SRCS batch 86...
George Palaganas
George Palaganas From George Palaganas: yup! tell the news to everyone... lunchtime... come as you are! Bring 1000 pesos worth of single gift(at least 1000 for the exchange gift) and bring also 1000 pesos worth of "pot-luck buffet" food and drinks... It will just be a simple gathering... the letters of invitation will be delivered to your homes(Paniqui,Gerona,Anao,Ramos,Nampicuan,Tarlac,Moncada and San Manuel)... uy! The Silver Project of the Batch is a Windows Projector for the school plus our Pearl Project is an Exchange Student Dormitory... so I do hope you will all be supportive like the way you support our project before(basketball court beside the church in 1985)... kayong mga nasa abroad... walang uuwing "kuripot" sa donations ha?See More
50 minutes ago · LikeUnlike. From George Palaganas: By the way, the basketball court we had put up back then became the foundation of more classrooms for SRCS today... so the only project left on that part of the churchground where we used to have our batallion formation was The High School Class of 1989 Project(stage)... :-)
Flordeliza Edwards
Flordeliza Edwards Your doing such a good job please dont forget to put my picture there. My latest picture in my profile. I really would like to be part of this reunion. Thank you so very much!!
George Palaganas
George Palaganas Hi Flordeliza! That will be great! In fact there is a chance you will be featured in the memoir if you will join membership as an SRCS SILVER Alumnus(membership fee is Php500 that includes Silver Alumni plastic card, copy of the Silver Reunion Memoir,and eligibility for loan(Silver Alumni). The membership is "voluntary".
George Palaganas
George Palaganas
George Palaganas #June #Year2014 #GROUPSandLISTS #GroupPAGE #CommentsandPostings Welcome to the month of June, Year 2014! It’s good to see you all guys here again. The month of MAY GROUP page is at I hope we will all have another fruitful month of sharing and posting.
Gerald Gerald

9/21/2016 5:19:19 AM

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