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Many years ago, the founders of DriveHQ envisioned that Internet storage service will become an essential service like email and Instant message. Well, it was a hard sell back then. Just a couple years ago, people are still very skeptical about the need of online storage. The reason is simple, the infrastructure was not ready, and the technology was not ready. People were using dial-up connections to access Internet storage, that just didn't work well.

The DriveHQ team believed broadband will become very popular, and eventually, Internet storage service will become ready. They have invested in many years of time and efforts to make the technology ready for mass adoption. Their commitment and dedication made a great Internet storage service ( possible.

Today, there are many people who have started using online storage, online backup and online sharing services. However, more people are still using emails for sending big attachments; millions of people buy USB keys for transfering files. They feel they don't need online storage. One of the main reasons is:

The term "Internet Storage, or Online Storage" has been polluted by a lots of poor service providers!!!

There are more than 30 online storage service providers today. Most of them are tiny companies. There are a couple big companies, but to them online storage is not their core business. Of these tiny companies, half of them are new, funded by Venture Capital. Their sole purpose is gambling in this market. Unlike DriveHQ, where we have the industry's best veterans who put in years of hard work in this business, those small companies have little experience in this industry, nor do they have any decent technologies or innovations. However, they are very good in burning money on marketing; sometimes offering lots of storage for free.

It's easy to be lured by those companies. After all, who can resist free service? The problem is, those companies don't have technologies ready. They only have web version that supports upload and download; and unfortunately, that created an impression: "Internet storage is just about a browser version of file upload and download". If that is online storage, yes, many people turn it away and continue using emails for sending large files. When Google launched Gmail with 1GB free emails, some "innovative" guy hacked a version of online storage -- online file system that builds on top of thousands of google emails. Anybody with business sense or technology mind should understand this can only be a hobby. From technology point of view, it is silly to build a file system on top of SMTP, that's way too inefficient and insecure; from business point of view, this kind of hacking is inherently unsafe without Google's endorsement, and Google will never endorse such kind of hacking. Anyway, the so-called GmailFS made a big name reflects a reality: there are too many low quality online storage service providers.

Everyone, esp business users, should understand those companies with little technologies and poor services will be out of business eventually. There will be no more than 5, probably 3 companies remaining eventually. In choosing an online storage service provider, find a best provider who can stay in this business for long time, don't just go for cheap. DriveHQ is the kind of company that will be here for a long time. Already, we have been in business for more than 3.5 years. We don't burn money. We are extremely service oriented. We offer the best services to our customers, we save them lots of money from alternative solutions. E.g., DriveHQ FTP hosting service could save users $3000/year; DriveHQ WWWBackup could save users $1000/year. With DriveHQ FileManager 3.0, we have made online storage REALLY like a local hard drive. Don't believe other companies' claim that their service is like a local drive, truth is they are not. They are web applications. With DriveHQ, you get web access, you get FTP access, you get FileManager access that is fully integrated with Windows Explorer. Better, it's extremely fast and never slow down your desktop.

Check out a long list of our features. Some people immediately say, "oh, your service is too hard and complicated". WRONG! On the contrary, when you really use our service, it is so easy -- if you have a computer, you probably can use our service. It is just like Windows Explorer. DriveHQ's mission is to make "Internet Storage" as easy, fast and secure as your local drive. That's the real and un-polluted meaning of "Internet Storage". It does become more complicated when you want to use advanced features, such as share a folder with different levels of permisions, publish a website, encrypt a folder or setup synchronized folders, etc. However, that is how we create additional value for high-end users or business users.

Once you've used DriveHQ products, you will no longer want to use emails for sending large attachments. You cannot send a 5GB DVD video file with email, with DriveHQ you can; you cannot share files with a remote friend using USB key, with DriveHQ it's easy. You don't need to bring an external hard disk on a businss trip, but you can still backup / restore important files with DriveHQ!

8/15/2006 2:45:46 AM

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