FTP Server Hosting

DriveHQ is one of the largest FTP Hosting service providers. Our FTP service is a full-featured FTP Server Hosting solution, allowing you to completely replace your in-house FTP server for a fraction of the cost. Our FTP service allows you to create and manage sub-users and sub-groups, manage user permissions, customize storage allocation, and much more.


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  • How To Connect

    Enter your DriveHQ username and password, then point your FTP client software to one of our host addresses listed above.

  • Integration

    Use our FTP service and you will have the ability to integrate with our cloud IT service using FileManager, WebDAV drive mapping, your mobile device, or a web browser.

  • Already a Member?

    There is no additional cost for using our FTP service. Reduce FTP server hosting and IT support costs by utilizing DriveHQ's FTP service.

  • Security

    DriveHQ supports SSL, the same security protocol used by major banks. For the ultimate in security and privacy, FileManager supports encrypted folder. When uploading files to an encrypted folder, your data is encrypted locally on your computer before uploaded to DriveHQ server. Even DriveHQ support staff cannot read your files. If you have any more questions, please contact DriveHQ customer support for a security brochure.

FTP Service Manual