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Gun Discussion Forums

1911 Forum

A great discussion forum dedicated to the 1911 pistol.

The High Road

Discussion forum for all things related to firearms.

Dane Burns' Forum for pistolsmithing and general firearms discussion with a focus on pistols, including 1911, Hi Power, Glock and Smith & Wesson.

Texas CHL Forum

Great site for discussing the Texas Concealed Handgun License and all things about carrying.

Glock Talk

Discussion forum for Glock pistol aficionados.

Smith & Wesson Forum

Discussion of Smith & Wesson firearms.

Leverguns Forum

Discussion of Lever Action Rifles.

Shooters Forum

Discussion many firearms, hunting and general gun ownership.

Graybeard Outdoors Forum

Discussion of firearms, hunting, trapping and fishing.

Home Gunsmithing

Winchester 94 Trapper

Here are some things I did to slick up my Winchester Trapper lever action .357 Magnum. Click here to see the details.

Gunsmiths I have used and can recommend

Jim Garthwaite

Jim Garthwaite is a pistolsmith world renown for his work on the Hi Power and 1911 style pistols. Click here to see my Hi Power that Jim customized.

Actions by "T"

Teddy Jacobson is a master of action work and trigger jobs. He has done three pistols for me and the triggers are super smooth.

STI International

STI pistols are the standard by which others are judged for IPSC and USPSA competition. They provided me great customer service in refinishing my STI pistol.

Dawson Precision

I sent my STI slide to Dawson Precision for a fiber optic front sight. They installed it fast and did great work. I have noticed a great improvement in my shooting with this sight.

Brazos Custom

Bob Londrigan built my USPSA Limited gun. It runs like a champ. He is a true custom 'smith. We talked through every part in the gun and he made it to fit my hand.

Cylinder & Slide

I sent my Colt Mustang Pocketlite to Cylinder & Slide to have Novak sights installed. They look great and the turnaround was pretty quick.

Pistol Competition


The United States Practical Shooting Association. This is the US body of the International Practical Shooting Confederation, or IPSC. This is some fast-paced fun competition!


International Defensive Pistol Association. This competition is similar to USPSA but is more defensive and tactical in nature. I think it is tons of fun.


The International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts is a competition organization just for revolver shooters. I haven't tried this yet, but it sure looks fun.


Glock Sport Shooting Foundation. Competition for Glock pistols only. Looks fun to me.

USPSA Texas South Section

When I shoot USPSA matches, I shoot with these great folks.


This is the home page of my local IDPA club.

PSC Range

This is the local shooting club where I attend most of my USPSA and IDPA matches.


Varmint Al

If you are at all interested in varmint hunting for coyotes and other predators, there is only one site for you -- Varmint Al knows it all!!!


Right to Keep and Bear Arms

National Rifle Association

The NRA isn't perfect, but they are trying to protect our 2nd amendment rights.

Gun Owners of America

The Gun Owners of America is another good group fighting to protect our constitutional freedoms.


This is a great reference site for our Right to Keep and Bear arms.


This site has great information about concealed weapons carry laws and the various laws state to state.

Second Amendment Foundation

The Second Amendment Foundation has great information about RKBA and other constitutional protections.

Molon Labe

The most notable quote in military history. Read on to learn more.

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