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Overview of DriveHQ Partnership Programs

If you resell hardware, you know the gross margin is usually lower than 20%. After hardware-related costs such as warehouse, shipping and RMA, there is little profit. What's even worse, such profit is one-time only. Reselling cloud services not only increases your margin, but also creates recurring revenue.

Which cloud service do you want to resell? Google, Amazon, Dropbox? With their marketing reach, who needs to sign up through a reseller? What commission rate can they offer you? 30%? Big deal! DriveHQ offers up to 60% or even 500% gross margin! Clearly DriveHQ has the industry’s best reseller programs and platforms. We have different reseller models tailored for different size businesses. Below is a glance of our reseller models.

Instant Reseller Model: Designed for small resellers, it offers up to 500%+ margin and is the easiest reseller model in the cloud IT industry!

Co-branded Model: Designed for medium-sized resellers, you can setup your own reseller site at https://COMPANYNAME.vosibiz.com/ instantly.

White Label Model: Designed for large resellers, it is very similar to the co-branded model, with additional support for your own domain name.

Licensing Model: This model is also designed for large resellers. This goes one step further than the white label model.

Other partnership models: Service integration; cross selling and regular referral program

Features Instant Reseller Model Co-branded Model White Label Model Licensing Model
Custom Logo & Landing Page
Set Your Own Service Prices
Your Own FTP Domain Name
Your Email & Web Domain
Customize Website Look & Feel
System Integration API / SSO N/A
Easy to Setup Very Easy Easy Much Harder Usually Very Hard
Initial Setup Cost Very Low Low Much Higher Very High
Popularity Most Popular Popular Much Less Popular Least Popular
Gross Margin for Resellers Up to 500%
The more customers you have, the higher the gross margin.
Up to 60%
Assuming your service prices will be the same as DriveHQ's. You can increase your prices to increase your profit margin; you can also lower your prices to attract more customers.
Up to 60%
Assuming your service prices will be the same as DriveHQ's. You can increase your prices to increase your profit margin; you can also lower your prices to attract more customers.
Because the cloud service will be operated by the partner, the gross margin will be dependent on the partner's business operation.
Reseller Website Domain DriveHQ.com Vosibiz.com
All co-branded reseller websites are based on the same co-branded reseller platform. They share the same website, which is pre-created. Because of this, the co-branded program is very easy to setup, and DriveHQ does not charge any setup fee.
Custom Domain Custom Domain
Hosting Facility DriveHQ's Data Center DriveHQ's Data Center DriveHQ's Data Center Reseller's Data Center
Who Will Create / Manage
Accounts for Customers
A reseller can create a sub-group administrator account for a customer. The customer can then use the Sub-group Admin Tool to create more sub-users in the sub-group.
Reseller / Customers
Users can sign up online from the reseller website directly, or the reseller can create a new user using the site Admin tool.
Reseller / Customers
Users can sign up online from the reseller website directly, or the reseller can create a new user using the site Admin tool.
Who Supports Customers DriveHQ and/or Reseller DriveHQ and/or Reseller Reseller
Reseller should offer the tier-one support since it is white label; DriveHQ can offer the second tier support (i.e. we support the reseller, and the reseller supports their customers).
Billing Method Customers pay Reseller
Reseller pays DriveHQ
Customers pay DriveHQ, or pay Reseller directly Customers pay DriveHQ, or pay Reseller directly
Advantages - Easy;
- Low setup cost;
- Highest gross margin;
- Reseller will create &
manage customer accounts;
- Leverage on DriveHQ's
marketing materials /
brand name.
- Easy
- Low setup cost;
- Standard gross margin;
- Customers can sign up by themselves
- Use your own company domain name;
- Standard gross margin;
- Customers can sign up by themselves;
- You can raise your
prices as DriveHQ name
is not shown.
The most flexible solution.
Disadvantages - Users cannot sign up and
order services by themselves;
- cannot use your
own domain
- Cannot use your own
domain name. Must be
- The gross margin is not as high;
- Customization may
require a lot of work.
- The gross margin is not as high;
- Customization may
require a lot of work.
- The initial cost and the
annual maintenance fee
could be high.
- The server hardware,
software and hosting
service can be very
- The customization may
require a lot of work
- The initial cost can be
very high;
- It is harder to
trouble-shoot technical
Which Reseller Model to Choose Small resellers, or resellers
that want to receive the
highest gross margin without
the hassle of customizing the website
Small resellers that want
to let users sign up online directly,
Resellers targeting a
local market or different
language market
Large resellers that can
pre-qualify for this
reseller model
A large reseller must have a big existing user base, or a very strong brand name, or a big marketing budget. It must also have a team to customize the service and offer certain kinds of customer support.

If your company does not qualify, you can use our co-branded model, which is just like the white label model, except you cannot customize the website domain name.

For small resellers, leveraging on DriveHQ's brand name and 10 years of track record will greatly help you convince your customers and sell more. You can also make your prices lower than DriveHQ's prices.
Must be a very large
company to qualify
for this model

How to Start

If you have not yet signed up a DriveHQ account, you must sign up an account first before you contact us. This will ensure that you know a little about DriveHQ's cloud IT service. As a DriveHQ reseller, it is expected that you can provide some support to your customers.

If you already have a DriveHQ account, then please try your best to estimate how much you can resell in 12 months, how many user licenses and how much storage space you need. Then contact DriveHQ sales and we will work out a best plan for you.

Sign Up
  • Cloud IT

    Businesses can host their IT servers and systems on DriveHQ Cloud IT Service. It not only offers more and better features, but also is much easier to manage and costs far less.

  • Cloud Storage

    Cloud Storage is the same as Online Storage or Internet Storage. Users can easily upload / download files on DriveHQ cloud storage system using DriveHQ FileManager, DriveHQ.com website, DriveHQ FTP Service or DriveHQ WebDAV remote drive. Users can remotely access files from anywhere at any time.

  • Cloud File Server

    DriveHQ Cloud File Server works just like a network file server. You can drag and drop files / folders using FileManager, FTP or WebDAV drive mapping; you can directly edit a remote file and save back; you can manage sub-users and sub-groups; you can share different folders to different users with different permissions.

  • Cloud Backup

    You can get rid of USB backup, DVD backup or tape backup. DriveHQ Cloud Backup is much better and more affordable than traditional backup solutions. You can backup / restore files from anywhere at any time without carrying a backup device. Also because it is offsite backup, it can survive any major disasters.

  • Cloud Computing

    DriveHQ Cloud computing is different. You can use our cloud service from anywhere, you don't need to relegate your PCs into dumb terminals. DriveHQ cloud computing extends your desktop software into the cloud. You can use your familiar sofware (e.g. MS Office, PDF, PhotoEditor, etc.) with our cloud service.

  • CDN Service

    DriveHQ Content Delivery Network Service

  • Online Storage

    DriveHQ Online Storage has much more features than other online storage services. It is far more than just storage, it is about top quality features and client software. It supports all modern web browsers and FTP client software; it also has a native client program: DriveHQ FileManager. It is seamlessly integrated with DriveHQ Cloud IT system.

  • WebDAV Drive Mapping

    You can map DriveHQ online storage as a network drive, such as Z: drive. No software needs to be installed. It is extremely simple. If you have a lot of files or very large files, you can also use DriveHQ FileManager or FTP.

  • Remote Data Access

    Using DriveHQ Online Storage service, you can access your data from anywhere using DriveHQ.com website, DriveHQ FileManager client, FTP or WebDAV drive mapping. Business users can easily access their data from multiple offices, hotel or home.

  • Secure File Storage

    DriveHQ online storage service is designed to be extremely secure and reliable. It is managed by professionals, colocated in a high-end data center with full redundancy and 24x7 onsite security. Your files are secure and private.

  • Drop Box Folder

    DriveHQ Drop Box folder enables anybody to upload files to you securely without having to sign up and without hassle. Just provide your drop box URL, and anybody can drop files into it. Files in a drop box can only be accessed by yourself.

  • FTP Service

    FTP stands for "File Transfer Protocol". It is the most popular method for transferring files to different locations. Almost all platforms support FTP. FTP is efficient, reliable and easy-to-use. It can be used to transfer very large files / folders. DriveHQ offers standard FTP features plus more advanced features at a very low cost.

  • Setup FTP Server

    To setup, configure and secure an FTP server is never easy. FTP server may pose serious security threat as you must open a lot of network ports; managing FTP accounts and set permission is also a headache. DriveHQ FTP server saves you time and money, you can set it up in just a few minutes.

  • FTP Server Hosting

    DriveHQ FTP Server Hosting service includes FTP server software, hardware and hosting. It is extremely easy to setup. Compared with other FTP hosting service, DriveHQ FTP service not only is a standard FTP hosting service, but also is seamlessly integrated with other DriveHQ cloud services.

  • FTP Backup

    You can backup files / folders to DriveHQ FTP server from any platforms. Files backed up to DriveHQ FTP server are secure and private. You can access these files using DriveHQ FTP, DriveHQ.com website or DriveHQ FileManager client software.

  • FTP Security Camera

    DriveHQ has launched a new FTP service optimized for security cameras / surveillance cameras. It is more efficient than traditional FTP service. It can automatically delete old images after certain days. It also includes a Camera Viewer feature which lets you play back old images or monitor the scene in real-time.

  • Online Backup

    DriveHQ Online Backup can replace your local backup solution. You can setup real-time backup tasks and scheduled backup tasks. It has a lot of features, such as incremental backup, backup locked files, file versioning, backup multiple PCs, backup servers, etc.

  • Offsite Data Backup

    You might have a very good backup solution in-house. However, in-house backup is inherently less secure / reliable than offsite backup. In case of major disasters, such as fire, flood, theft, virus, etc. both the source files and the backup files can be destroyed as they are in the same location. Offsite backup keeps your backup data in a different location, thus it is far more reliable.

  • Online Email Backup

    You can backup emails using either DriveHQ Online Backup or DriveHQ EmailManager. Using DriveHQ online backup, you can backup the entire Outlook PST files or other email data folder. Using DriveHQ EmailManager, it is far more efficient as it can incrementally backup emails and contacts one by one and it only backs up new emails.

  • Remote Backup

    In-house backup such as tape backup is not flexible. You can only backup your data when you are in the same location. DriveHQ Online Backup is different. You can backup / restore your files & folders from any remote locations. No backup device or media is required.

  • Business Backup

    You can automatically backup servers and databases in your company; employees can also backup their PCs, laptops and MACs. Using DriveHQ group account service, you can allocate storage space and download bytes to your sub-users. All sub-users are treated as premium users. They can access backed-up files online from anywhere.

  • Business Email Hosting

    Email service is very important to any business. There are a lot of free email hosting services; however, for business, you need something better. You don't have to pay a lot to setup Exchange server or limit yourself to webmail only. DriveHQ email service is designed for SMBs. It supports SMTP/POP3/IMAP4/webmail and custom domain. You can also create group accounts.


    SMTP is the standard protocol for sending emails; POP and IMAP are the standard protocols for retrieving emails. Most email client software (incl. Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express) supports SMTP, POP and IMAP. POP3 is usually used for downloading emails to local; IMAP can keep all emails on server and automatically sync local and remote email boxes. DriveHQ email server supports all 3 protocols.

  • Advanced Email Features

    DriveHQ email server supports SMTP,POP3 & IMAP4; it also supports SSL. It has advanced features such as: Auto Reply, Auto Forward, Mailing List, etc. It supports custom email domains and group account service. You can easily manage your email accounts online.

  • Outlook & Mobile Email

    DriveHQ email service can be accessed using almost any email client software / device, such as Outlook, Outlook Express, iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile, etc. Emails can be kept on server so that you can download emails from multiple computers / devices. Using IMAP, you can also sync your local and remote emails.

  • Email Backup

    You can use DriveHQ Online Backup to backup emails. However, if you use Outlook / Outlook Express, then using DriveHQ EmailManager client software is much more efficient. You can drag-n-drop upload / download emails and contacts; you can setup automatic backup tasks to backup your emails and contacts to DriveHQ webmail.

  • Advanced Features

    DriveHQ offers a lot of high-end business features, such as Group Account service, custom domain web / email / FTP hosting, automatic folder synchronization, remote file sharing and collaboration.

  • Group Folder Sharing

    You can create folders in your own account, then share different folders to different users with different permissions. You can also share folders to sub-groups and contact groups and set different permissions. The same folder can also be shared again with different permissions. Thus, multiple users can collaborate online.

  • Folder Synchronization

    Using DriveHQ FileManager, you can select a folder and click on Synchronize to create a sync-ed folder. You can sync folders on different computers to the same remote folder, thus you can synchronize multiple computers. You can also sync folders of multiple users to the same group shared folder, thus you can sync folders of multiple users.

  • Mobile Applications

    DriveHQ service is available on all popular mobile platforms, incl. iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android and Windows Phone. Not only that, DriveHQ mobile application beats competitors' hands down!

  • White Label Service

    DriveHQ reseller platform makes it extremely easy to launch white label (i.e. private label) or co-branded service. A co-branded service can be launched in just a few hours. The cost is extremely low at only $50-500/year, which is about 10 times lower than our competitors'. Resellers can customize or localize the website, service prices and client software. DriveHQ also has other partnership / affiliate programs suitable for any size businesses.