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Pet ID: House trained Spayed/Neutered Shots Current

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Dent County Animal Welfare Society
Salem, Missouri 65560
Feel Free to contact me regarding my personal experiences with Freda

Weimaraner / Boxer Mix: An adoptable dog from DCAWS (Dent County Animal Welfare Society)

Large Young (1 year 2 months old)  Female
Freda at Adoption Event
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Profile written by JoeRap who had Freda for three weeks during the holiday season of 2013.
My DCAWS History:
Freda was brought in by someone visiting from out of town who found her wandering around and did not know what else to do with her. This beautiful and regal looking dog was in good condition
on entry. Her grayish-brown coat and body build are much like the Weimaraner white her head, eyes and ears look somewhat boxer; she has a bobbed tail. Whatever she is, Freda is a special dog.
She is easy going, smart and companionable with other animals, trusting and affectionate with people. Much in need of a home Freda would be a good fit for any family wanting a large dog. True to the Weimaraner in her, she is very active and likes to explore.
My Training under the care of Mr Joe Rap:
Hello visitors and potential adopters. I, Joe Rap, would like to share my personal experiences with Freda during the holiday season of 2013.
While Freda was with me, she progressed nicely each & every day. As her temporary foster parent, 
I tried to train Freda to learn how to live in a home environment. Mr Joe Rap was trying to help me cope with my "separation anxiety" as this is my biggest problem. My separation anxiety is a mild condition as I do not soil my crate or inflict harm onto myself. However, I do express periods of whining as I do not like being left alone. When I first arrived with Mr Joe Rap, I was all over him while he was preparing my meal, but he has taught me good kitchen manners, as you can see in the Youtube videos below. I now have learn to sit on the floor and be patient while my food is be prepared. I am still curious around all the kitchen smells and I have a tendency to sniff the garbage and put my paws on the kitchen counter. I was learning day by day to be a better well behaved dog inside the house. I still had a tendency to be a little wild inside the house, but I was being taught where and how to play calmly in his house.
Freda under supervision has been very respectful of my personal property, she has not done any chewing or biting of furniture. Freda was excellent when it came to bedtime as seen in the Youtube video below. I even let Mr Joe Rap sleep alone so he would be well rested for me in the morning. In the morning, I would hear his alarm clock go off. I would proceed to go into his bedroom and lick his face so he would get up and not be late for work.
I am learned so much in my temporary foster home. So when you adopt me Mr Joe Rap will tell you all the training tips he uses on me to correct my behavior. I hope you will give me a chance to show you how much I have learned.
My Ideal Home:
My ideal home needs to be with a young active couple or family, whom one of them stays home most of the day. I am very friendly and loving towards all humans, including children. I would also prefer to be in a house with other dogs, as I am a very pack-oriented dog. I prefer to have the constant prescence of another dog and a human around me, as I suffer from separation anxiety and I prefer not to be left alone. My home should also included a fenced-in yard that is at least 6'-0" high.
Thank You for Visiting Me:
I, Joe Rap, now feel its' my responsibility to help Freda find her "forever home" that she truly deserves and desperately needs that I failed to give her. Due to my past heart failure and current medical condition, I did not see Freda as a good fit for me. Being a single professional working male who works long hours and keeping Freda in a crate during working hours is not what I want to see for Freda. Please help me by "spreading the word" that Freda is available for adoption. Feel free to click on any of Freda's links below to learn more about Freda and her potential to be a member of your loving family. Thank you for your time in reading Freda's adoption profile, if you have any questions or comments see her contact information below.
                                                                                                                                          Love from Joe Rap
Freda outdoor playing
My Adoption Information
Freda down while preparing food
Freda down while
I am eating
Freda ready for sleep