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1927 Ford Model T Fire Truck

The 1927 T Fire Truck is another one of the rare AMT kits I managed to buy in 2005. It was the "Cinder Bug" kit, # T325 200. The kit was issued in 1969 and was sold in those days for $1.38. And you really don't want to know what you have to pay for an original, mint kit today... It was reissued in 1975 with a new box and updated/new parts. My kit was complete, but the box was very bad. Actually, it was falling apart so I got the kit for a decent price. As all my models this kit was build stock. The kit included decals for the Riverside Fire Department, but after 37 years the decals had deteriorated due to age. I had another set custom made for me and all though they don't show very well on the pictures they are very nice.

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