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1927 Ford Model T Dog Catcher Pickup

I had one spare Ford Model T kit, a 1927 Touring, and was looking for a bit unusual design.
And suddenly I found just the car I was looking for: a Dog Catcher Pickup...
The touring body was cut in half and on the front half I constructed a closed C-Cab. For the dog cage I used a spare pickup bed and constructed the 'wooden' cage from various plastic parts.
The roof was made of two left over roofs of '23 Delivery Van's from AMT kits. Just one roof was too narrow to cover the dog cage, so I had to cut both roofs in half, slightly more than that, and made them to fit the cage. The front part of the roof was too wide, so it was cut off and a small section in the middle was removed to get the right width for the front.
Part of the interior Touring piece was used and cut to size to fit the modified C-Cab.
The gray metal gauze you see inside the cage is actually some kind of fly gauze. I found it while I was looking for something different and realized that it had the perfect dimensions and color for my dog cage.

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