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1927 Ford Model T Diorama

End 2006 I bought a Ford Model T diorama from an auction site. A few weeks later a parcel arrived with the diorama. Or better said, what was left of it....
It was basically reduced to a pile of rubble. Al the parts had come loose. It was definitively a bad case of
'Shaken, not stirred.' Oh well, things like that can happen.
But there was a good side too. After inspection of the remains, I quickly found out that the Model T diorama was actually more a 'marriage' of a Model T body and Model A radiator, bumpers and other small Model A stuff
I decided to do a complete rebuild with the correct Model T parts. It took some weeks to get all things right, but the restoration was a success. I changed a lot of things, mainly made corrections to the body with the open doors. I later lifted the model from the base so I could use it in my diorama pictures.
I cannot take credit for the original build, but I think I can take some credit for restoring it and the corrections I made to turn in it a more genuine Ford Model T.

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