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1926 Ford Model T Tudor

This time a 1926 Ford Model T Tudor Sedan, converted to stock using a Revell 1926 Model T Sedan Delivery and an AMT 1927 Model T Touring. Some time ago I 'un-customized' the Revell 1926 Ford T Sedan Delivery. And a member of the Model T Club of America suggested using the Sedan Delivery as base for the 1926 Tudor.
I had a kit from the 1927 Touring, so I decided to use that kit for the chassis, engine, engine hood and fender assembly.
The body of the Revell was lowered so I added a 1.5mm strip to the underside to bring it back to normal height. The rear of the body had wheel arches to fit the custom tires and were filled with plastic. Basically the same work what I had done before on the Sedan Delivery. I had to use the custom dashboard because of the width and shape, but removed all the gauges and other stuff. They were replaced with the original gauges of the stock version. These were cut out of a stock dashboard and thinned by filing that much from the back until they were thin enough. And in the process I thinned the skin of my fingers too...
I also added the support for the steering wheel underneath the dashboard.
After that I had to find out how to deal with the inside of the body. Obviously I couldn't use the custom panel work, but I would like to have some kind of original pane work. First I tried to make some of 1mm styrene, but that was too thick for the curved ends at the rear. The 0.5mm was much better, so that problem was solved. But after cutting out the windows... well, I had to be very careful handling the pieces as there was not much material left at the top of the panels as you can see. Next problem was the front window. I couldn't use the nice custom window (with two wipers instead of one), so I had to figure out a way to get a new frame. After tinkering around with some styrene I made the front part of the windshield from 0.25mm styrene and the rear part from 0.5mm styrene so I could 'sandwich' the clear window between them. Again, after the frame was cut I had to be extremely careful handling the 0.25mm thick (thin...) frame. Oh well, it turned out nice.
I glued in place, but I left it a little bit ajar. Yeah I know, showing off...
The rear bench is from the '27 Touring kit and the front seats are from an early A Ford Woody.
After I found a good, large picture of the spare wheel I could finally figure out how it was mounted on the chassis and build it from scrap.
The last thing I added was a rear view mirror, mounted on the top hinge of the drivers door with help of a tiny strip of red copper (about 4mm long and 1mm wide... boy, I lost that thing about three times... lol) and the shortened rear view mirror of the Revell kit. The last thing I changed were the front and rear bumper mounting brackets. They were a bit too long, so shortened them by about 2mm.

All in all a lot of work, but I think the result looks pretty stock now.

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