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1925 Ford Model T Texaco Tank Truck

A long, long time ago in a galaxy far away... ehrm, wrong site... sorry for that. A long time ago I received an almost complete 1925 Model T Roadster in exchange for some custom parts. And I had a badly build and incomplete  Mack Bulldog Tank Truck for parts. Just to save the chassis and engine (I still have to build all the Monogram Mack's and a 'show' chassis is a nice thing to add) .
As there never was a 1/24 scale kit of a Model T Tank Truck I decided to give it a try and here is the result. I 'borrowed' the tank from the Mack. Actually it's only the top half which was cut in several pieces to get the right width and length. The rest was made of 1 mm plastic.
The front part of the body, the firewall and windscreen are from a AMT roadster body. The rest of the bodywork (the C-Cab shape) was made of 1mm plastic using the cardboard molds of the 1923 Paddy Wagon parts.
For the petrol hoses I used.... yes, the old oversized petrol hoses from the gas pump (I never throw things away...) with yellow brass endings. Actually these brass endings are 1/144 scale portholes, left-overs from my ship model scrap yard.
A few Texaco signs were added and it looks rather neat now.

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