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1925 Ford Model T - T'Alli-Ho

Soo... you don't know anything about custom cars because you always built stock cars, but you have a lot of T parts in the stash and.... an Allison engine. Look what happened!
I used as many stock T parts from the parts stash as I could. Well, not the Allison engine of course ;-)
The front and rear (double) tires are Model A and the wheels were found in the parts stash. I added a larger steering wheel and the seat was lowered to get some more seating space between the seat and the steering wheel. The T fender assembly was cut in two sections, front fenders and rear fenders with the running board. The upper part of the running board was widened to give the rear fenders some space to cover the double rear tires. And a sturdy frame (with holes to lower the weight) was added for extra strength.
An appropriate dashboard was added (those Allison engines need a lot of gauges!), a couple of 'old style' exhausts and that’s about it. Oh, almost forgot: I also made the decals with the name of this contraption: T'Alli-Ho.
Totally insane build, but fun to do!

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