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1925 Ford Model T Stake Bed Truck

My first Model T conversion.
This model is based on a AMT 1925 Ford Model T Coupe (the box with the green stripes). I bought the ready (badly) built model in 2001 very cheap as it missed the spare wheel, the large window insert and some other small parts.
I didn't know what to do with the model at first, but then I decided to make make my very first special conversion. The rear fenders were removed and two support brackets for the stake bed were added. The stake bed was made from cedar wood. All the parts from the stake bed can be removed. A challenge for me at that time, but I just had to do it.
The stake bed was made from 40 pieces of wood, 4 pieces of brass and 48 small nails.
If I would build this model again now, I surely would use thinner wood parts for the stakes and smaller nails, but at that time I was pleased with the result. Oh well, we all learn every day again....

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