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1925 Ford Model TT Ornate Carved Hearse

A 'home-made' hearse!

I used parts of a:
- 1923 T Delivery Truck (left-over parts from previous projects, the fender/running board assembly and roof)
- 1925 T Roadster (used the left-over body for the lower part of the cabin)
- 1925 T Roadster (chassis, engine, tires, wheels, radiator, engine hood; spare parts received from a fellow model builder)
- 1927 T Touring (the red seat in the cabin)
The chassis and running boards were lengthened to get the right length for a Model T Truck.
The upper part of the cabin was made from 1mm plastic. The roof is part of a 1923 Delivery Van roof.
The interior was made from African padauk veneer, a dark red wood. It was sanded and lacquered eight times. The last layer was sanded with very fine (1200) waterproof sandpaper to get a super smooth satin finish. After that the veneer was cut in the correct pieces, glued together and treated with a dark furniture wax. The floor is oak veneer and was treated the same way as the padauk.

The detail painting was done with the black paint mixed with some gold .
I'm pleased with the result. It was a very long and difficult job but very rewarding and great fun.
Some statistics:
- roof 14 parts
- rear door 20 parts
- inside panels, floor and roof 75 parts
- outside panels 60 parts
Grand total: 169 parts.
And four 100ml cans of Tamiya TS14 gloss black paint...!

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