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1925 Ford Model T Skiff Body (Boattail) Roadster

Early December 2011, I was still busy with my ’34 Ford Project, I was looking for an in between project to fill the time between paint jobs. I was looking for some information regarding the ’34 Fords and stumbled upon a few pictures of one of those nice boattail roadsters. The one with that beautiful wood inlay in the boattail section. And then I knew what my in between project would be!
I started with a ’25 Ford Model T Roadster body. The top of the rear section was lowered a bit and with some 0.5 mm Evergreen plastic I created the boattail section. The upper section of the stock seat was modified a little bit so it would have a snug fit on the lowered rear section.

The mahogany wood ‘deck’ was a piece which had to be constructed as a complete separate part in order to keep it free from paint. And ofcourse it had to fit as a glove in the painted body. The mahogany planks were glued on a thin sheet of plastic and a thin strip of white plastic was inserted between them to give it that typical ‘deck’-look which was used in those days.

Next thing to do was to modify the fender assembly. I decided to remove the running boards as well as the inner sections of the fenders.
For the windscreen I used the stock windscreen from which the middle section was removed.
The wheels and tires are from a ’26-’27 Ford Model T. The front wheels are steerable.
The windscreen frame, radiator shell and headlamps received a treatment with that strange Japanese stuff, Kosutte Gin-san. It’s not real chrome, but it came close enough for me.
Body, fender assembly and wheels were all painted in Tamiya TS11 Maroon, a nice color for this car.
And here it is.

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