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1924 Ford Model T Speedster

The 1924 Ford Model T Speedster started it's life as a badly build '23 Model T Delivery Van (old AMT kit).
I took the kit apart, restored the chassis and engine but wasn't sure what to do with the rest of the car.
After looking at a lot of Model T Ford pictures I decided to make my own Model T Speedster. The fenders and fire wall were donated by the '23 Delivery Van. The firewall was modified (the windshield was cut off) and downsized in height and width (speed...!). The seats are from an old AMT '25 Roadster kit and modified to look like old style bucket seats. The little tool box is from a '34 Ford Pickup. The spare tire is a leftover from another AMT '25 Roadster kit. 
The petrol tank used on the speedster models are always oval and with no spare tank at hand I had to make one from scrap. The tank and seat frame were made from 1 mm plastic. The oval shaped windshield, often seen on speedster models, was also made from scrap (actually, the clear plastic came from a CD case...).
Finishing touches were the 'gold' striping on the fenders, tank, tool box and some other parts and the small 'copper' Ford name on the radiator (a spare decal from a customized kit).
I'll never know if Henry Ford would have approved this model for the production line, but I like it.

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